Mom Controls Screen Time – is This the Best Kids Revenge Ever?

Jill Holtz

July 16, 2018

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Have you ever taken your child or teen’s smart device from them? Maybe you were trying to make sure they weren’t on their devices too much or had no screen time in the evenings? One Mum has shared what her children did to her when she confiscated their devices. Read on to find out what happened when Mom Controls Screen Time – Is this the best kids’ revenge ever? 

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The OG Devil’s Agvocate™️ aka Michelle Giggler, mother of 4, was in the habit of collecting her children’s smart devices at night to make sure they aren’t having too much screen time before bed. As a high-school teacher, she knows how late-night phone usage isn’t great for kids trying to learn the next day so she wanted to make sure they were off-screen overnight.

Her kids apparently hatched a revenge plan. Michelle tweeted to share what her kids did in revenge, and it’s gone viral:

She did say that she is “impressed with their ingenuity and team effort.” However, she also stated, “They’re all grounded.”

She’ll just have to remember to switch the sound down on all the devices she confiscates next time!

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