Poems for Parents: Just for Today

mum playing with child

As parents we sometimes get busy and occupied with meals, cleaning, laundry and are maybe guilty of saying “In a minute” regularly to our child… We love this poem from Misty J. Eades, in our series of poems for parents, which reminds us to take a moment in our busy lives and enjoy being with our child:

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Just For Today

Just for this morning I won’t wash clothes,
instead we will watch your favorite cartoon.
Just for this morning I won’t wash dishes,
instead we will color together.


Just for this afternoon I won’t watch my soaps;
instead we will go to the park and feed the ducks.
Just for this afternoon you and I will snuggle up on the couch
and watch a favorite movie and eat popcorn.

Just for tonight I will let you help me fix dinner
and I won’t yell at you for making a mess.
Just for tonight I won’t yell
when you splash water all over the bathroom floor.

Just for tonight when I tuck you into bed
and we snuggle together to read your favorite story
I will hold you a little tighter and a little longer
and Thank God for giving you to me.

© Misty J. Eades February 2006

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