Revealed: The Most Popular Baby Names So Far For 2019

Jill Holtz

May 2, 2019

popular baby names

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If you’re looking for a name for a bump, then there are plenty of baby names predictions for the year ahead. Nameberry has published their list of the most popular baby names so far in 2019 – will it inspire you?

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Nameberry’s list of top baby names so far for 2019, based on the first three months of the year, is out. There are two surprising new names taking the lead.

They calculate popularity based on which names attracted the most of the 11 million views of their baby name pages so far in 2019.

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What Are the Most Popular Baby Names?

Posie replaces Olivia, the top name from 2018, in the number one spot for girls names so far. This vintage nature-inspired baby name can also be spelled Posy and Posey, but it’s also what is termed a “nickname-name” – it can be used on its own or might be short for longer names like Josephine or Penelope.

Meanwhile on the boys side, Milo is the new number one name for boys, replacing Atticus which was top in 2018. Milo can mean either “soldier” or “merciful”, and has its roots in both Latin and Old German.

There are some other new entrants to the top five lists, including Aurora for girls and Theodore for boys.


1. Posie
2. Isla
3. Olivia
4. Aurora
5. Maeve


1. Milo
2. Jasper
3. Atticus
4. Theodore
5. Asher

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Are any of these popular baby names on your favourites list? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Revealed Most Popular Baby Names So Far 2019

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