101 Adorable Surnames as First Names for Baby Boys and Girls

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

August 10, 2021

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Looking for an unusual name choice for your baby? These cute surnames as first names would make a great choice and you’re pretty much guaranteed there won’t be another one in your child’s class!

Characters like Ellis Grey in Grey’s Anatomy, Quinn in Glee, Lane in Gilmore Girls, Flynn Rider in Tangled, Kingsley in Harry Potter are all great examples of how these names can strike a chord – and don’t forget real life stars like Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift, the late actor Chadwick Boseman, and Blake Lively.

Wondering who else chose a surname as a first name? Let’s take a look at some notable picks: David and Victoria Beckham chose Harper for their daughter, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon chose Monroe for their daughter, Jude Law and and Sadie Frost chose Rafferty for their son, Jessica Alba and Kevin Costner both have sons named Hayes, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd chose Lincoln for their daughter, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr chose Flynn for their son, and President Joe Biden has a granddaughter named Finnegan.

While some of these surnames as first names have become regular features on the popular baby name lists, such as Kennedy, Finley, Harper, Mackenzie, Brady, Parker, and Harlow, there are many more that have yet to hit the mainstream. Take a look below and find some gems for your new arrival!

Surnames as First Names for Boys and Girls

Welsh baby names

1. Adams

2. Anderson

3. Austen

4. Bailey

5. Baldwin

6. Baxter

7. Beckett

8. Blake

9. Brady

10. Brennan

11. Brooks

12. Campbell

13. Carlton

14. Carson

15. Carter

16. Cassidy

17. Chadwick

18. Channing

19. Clark

20. Cooper

21. Crawford

22. Cusack

23. Davis

24. Dillon

25. Ellis

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26. Emerson

27. Fairbanks

28. Fallon

29. Finley

30. Finnegan

31. Fitzgerald

32. Fitzpatrick

33. Foster

34. Gallagher

35. Grant

36. Grayson

37. Griffin

38. Griffith

39. Hamilton

40. Harlow

41. Harper

42. Harris

43. Harrison

44. Hayes

45. Hilton

46. Hudson

47. Jackson

48. Jagger

49. Jameson

50. Jefferson

most popular baby names ireland 2019

51. Johnson

52. Jones

53. Kennedy

54. Kingsley

55. Lane

56. Lawson

57. Lennon

58. Lewis

59. Livingston

60. Mackenna/Mckenna

61. Mackenzie

62. Madden

63. Marshall

64. Mason

65. Miller

66. Mitchell

67. Monroe

68. Montgomery

69. Morgan

70. Murphy

71. Nash

72. Newman

73. Norton

74. Parker

75. Patterson


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76. Pearson

77. Porter

78. Quinn

79. Rafferty

80. Ramsay

81. Reagan

82. Redmond

83. Reid

84. Reilly

85. Sawyer

86. Shaw

87. Sloane

88. Smith

89. Stewart

90. Sullivan

91. Sutton

92. Taylor

93. Tennyson

94. Thatcher

95. Thomson

96. Vaughn

97. Walker

98. Wallace

99. Wilson

100. Wolfe

101. Yates

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