How to Survive Hosting a Slumber Party

Jill Holtz

February 24, 2015

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I’ve always thought Sleepover or Slumber Party was a misnomer, more like a There-Will-Be-No-Sleep-Taken Party. Here are my tips on How to Survive Hosting a Slumber Party:

slumber party

#1. Choose Who Comes Carefully

Make sure the kids that come are genuinely good friends of your child to help avoid any problems during the party. You don’t want any factions forming because you’re trying to mix different types of friends. Start small when they are younger, like a best friend and never have that many kids staying that you can’t think you can handle.

#2. Make Sure You Have Plenty of Bedding

You don’t want to be woken up in the night with someone crying as their air bed has deflated or they are cold. If using air beds, borrow an electric pump if you don’t have one, it saves a huge effort inflating the beds. We always take off the sofa cushions to use as extra padding.

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#3. Make Sure To Have Necessary Contact Details

You’ll need contact details for all the kids who are coming in case you need to call their parents.

#4. Be Clear about Pick Up Time

Believe me, when you’re tired the next day and waiting ages for some child to be collected it can get annoying, so be very clear with parents dropping off what time you would like them to collect their child in the morning, especially if you have plans.

#5. Organise Plenty of Activities

Obviously it depends on the age of the sleepover attendees, the older they are the less they will need amusing, so have some activities and games organised.

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#6. Organise Easy Food

They will want snacks and sweets especially for watching a movie and having a midnight feast, but make sure you do easy dinner for them too. Homemade Pizzas are a great option because then you can easily cater for every taste with different toppings.

Organise some easy breakfast options too like Pancakes, you can make the batter up the night before and again, they can choose from different toppings to their taste. You might enjoy How to Make Fun Pancake Shapes too.

#7. Do an Early Check if Anyone Wants to Go

Ask all the Kids about 9pm if they are sure they want to stay; this will save you having to do calls later or in the wee hours when they suddenly get homesick. Offer parents the option of collecting before bedtime if their child is unsure about staying but wants to be there for a while.

#8. Expect Spills

Have plenty of wet wipes and stain remover at hand. There will inevitably be juice/crisps/snacks spilled.

#9. Set The Rules

Make sure the sleepover invitees know what your ground rules are. You are responsible for them while they are staying with you. No one should leave the house without your permission. Let them know if there are any places that are “off limits”.

#10. Be Prepared

You may be called upon to settle an argument or help an ill child or chauffeur someone home suddenly, so be prepared to step in when needed. Check in on them regularly (bringing new snacks is a good excuse).

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Over to you now! Have you got a great tip for parents for how to survive a slumber party? Share it with us in the comments below.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!


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