The Best Parenting Advice You’ve Received for Raising Kids

Jill Holtz

November 8, 2015

grandparents and their role in our lives

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We asked Mykidstime parents to tell us what is the Best Parenting Advice You’ve Received For Raising Kids. Here’s what they shared with us!

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“Don’t listen too anyone else’s advice.”
– Adele

“Do what is best for you and your baby you know them better than anyone else.”
– Melissa

“Babies do not read all the books on parenting. They do their own thing. Everything else can wait. Baby first.”
– Margaretha

baby yawning“Sleep when the baby sleeps, so when baby goes for daytime naps you go for one too.”
– Sandra

“With every diaper you change it’s one less that you will have to change.”
– Sandy

“Don’t worry to much about the housework as it will still be there, enjoy your time with your baby as they won’t be a baby for long.”
– Helen

“Waterproof mascara is a must.”
– Laurinda

“Go with your gut, mummy knows best.”
– Jenny

“Do what works for you and baby.”
– Darcell

“Enjoy every moment. Even restless nights, because it’s just a phase and passes too quickly. Oh ya! And sleep when baby sleeps. Forget the housework :)”
– Mandee

“To throw away all the baby books and use your instincts.
– Linda

“Be patient.”
– Summer

“Do what comes naturally.”
– Paul

“To cherish every moment as it goes very quickly x”
– Louise

“Full belly, empty nappy.”
– Alan

“Have no expectations and just roll with it!”
– Catherine

“Never say never!”
– Faye

“Enjoy the time with new baby relax & don’t feel pressure to be Super mom ! No one is ! So put on the trackie bottoms when u feel like chilling & have a big cup of coffee ( for energy reasons !).”
– Deborah

“Love your baby & relax.”
– Lynn

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s not easy being a new mum.”
– Brenda

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child and parent at piano“Enjoy them. It’s impossible to spoil a baby. Lift them, cuddle them, smell the top of that baby’s head every day ‘cos it goes so fast.”
– Michelle

“Read any book you like. Listen to any advice you like. But never forget that when it comes to your own baby you are the expert.”
– Eilis

“Always remember this saying when things are difficult ‘This will pass’.”
– Erin

“From a midwife – remember babies are people too some days they are hungrier or thirstier that others just like people.”
– Jean

“Enjoy the time tucking them into bed at night they are safe and home.”
– Bronwyn

“Don’t be so afraid of giving her a bath! For some reason, I was just terrified….but they are not that fragile.”
– Mary

“If you’re nervous, it means you care and you’ll do the best you can. If you weren’t at least a little worried, then we’d be worried!” – hospital nurse
– Kat

“Babies cry for no reason sometimes.”
– Stephanie

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“You can never spoil a baby with love and cuddles”
– Peter

“Be consistent with your child.”
– Katie

“One that stuck with me was from my Dad, when out with your child in the pram and you’re about to cross the road, keep the pram back from the road, never noticed before the amount of prams that are pushed a little on to the road while people are waiting to cross, trucks and buses only inches from the baby.”
– Mary

“Always have a Kleenex or wipe with you”
– Katherine

things to tell your daughter“Don’t worry too much when people ask if you have a routine yet, you’ll find your own rhythm in no time. Fantastic advice, relaxed mamma = relaxed baba!”
– Edel

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff.”
– Louise

“Allow people to help you if someone asks you can I get you anything in the shops and you really need bread or milk don’t say ah no, take the offer. My mil was great to help me with washing when it got too much and it came back ironed .. Don’t be afraid to accept help ..”
– Laura

“You’ll make mistakes don’t beat yourself up over them, enjoy the time as although the days are long and hard (lack of sleep) the years fly and take photos and videos as they change so quick”

“Presence is better than presents.”
– Felicity

“Love, kiss, hug and snuggle as long as you can!”
– Kim

“Don’t judge and don’t care what people think. And your house will NEVER be clean again!!!”
– Monique

“Smile no matter what… We were told at the pre natal course “if you look at ‘miserable looking’ kids, take a look at their parents and they are usually ‘miserable looking’ too.”
– Noreen

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Over to you now! What’s the best parenting advice anyone ever gave you for raising kids? Share it with us in the comments below.

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