This 9 Year Old Used Science to Disprove the Tooth Fairy – So Clever!

Jill Holtz

April 28, 2018

Tooth fairy lost tooth

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Along with the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy is one of those childhood things that you believe in until you reach a certain age. Find out how this 9 year old used science to disprove the Tooth Fairy!

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Paediatrician and dad Fahd Ahmad tweeted how his 9 year old son had worked out that the Tooth Fairy is not real.

Yes, his son lost his tooth put it under his pillow but didn’t tell anyone for 3 days, each morning checking if the Tooth Fairy had been but no money appeared. Then when he told his parents he had lost his tooth, the next morning, hey presto, there was money under the pillow and the tooth was gone.

His son then confronted his parents with his 3 day experiment and the “scientific evidence” that the TF isn’t real.

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Dr Ahmad is Muslim, married to his Christian wife, and they are raising their 3 sons in an inter-religious, multi-cultural household in America. On his blog he explains that they celebrate different holidays and different traditions.

His father admits that he is a bit embarrassed by how easily he was taken by his son’s investigation because in his job, he’s a clinical researcher. But he’s impressed that his son was able to design and run an experiment and sit on the results until he was ready to test his conclusion.

The original tweet which has gone viral on Twitter resulted in some interesting responses and conversations including this one questioning why the doctor had not noticed his son’s missing tooth for 3 days:

We loved this reply from @alflannery (is that a busy Tooth Fairy or what?). And it’s nice to see that his son has now been enlisted to keep the Tooth Fairy a secret for a little longer:

I must admit when I heard about this, I thought it could easily happen to any parent. You wouldn’t think your child would be testing you out!

I once forgot to leave any money under the pillow and when my eldest daughter told me the TF hadn’t left any money, I had to sneakily run downstairs while she was occupied, find some money, shove it under her pillow and then convince her she just hadn’t looked properly. So, I find The Tooth Fairy thing all a bit stressful to be honest!

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This 9 Year Old Used Science to Disprove the Tooth Fairy – Mykidstime

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