Useful Tips to Make Tying Shoelaces Easier for Kids

Jill Holtz

July 11, 2016

tying shoelaces

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Along with losing your first tooth, learning to ride a bike, how to read and write, tying shoelaces is definitely one of childhood’s milestones. Once you know how to do it, it becomes easy, but it can be tricky teaching your child how to tie laces, so we asked Mykidstime parents for some Useful Tips to Make Tying Shoelaces Easier for Kids:

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Some tricks that might help

“Pop a lace through a piece of card and practise, then on a shoe on their lap, then with the shoe on. I used to paint the aglet on one end of lace with a nail varnish colour different to lace colour. Made it easier to tell what end went where.” – Janet

“Get the book with the laces on it and let the child practise or make your own!” – Michelle

“Different colored shoe laces makes it easier to see which one when pulling and looping.” – Jill

“Practicing with empty shoes. On toy dolls. On grown ups shoes.” – Latricia

My child learned by the shoe book with the lace on the book I got the book at the library. That’s how she learned” – Cherri

“We use ZuBits at our house and our kids love them. My kiddo wasn’t ready at the ‘normal’ age and I refused to push it. Guess what? My oldest decided to teach himself at 8.7 years old. My younger son is 6 and still isn’t ready. He has Lace Locks. Don’t force it.” – Gretchen

Some techniques to try

“Google ‘magic fingers shoe tying’ it’s way easier” – Fawn

Nancey “Rabbit ears cross over one goes under and pull” – Nancey

“We taught our kids to tie the “bunny ears” like you cross over the two long laces in the first step. My 20 year old college girl still tied her shoes like that and all her friends laugh at her (in a friendly joking way) for doing it that way still.” – Tracey

“Let the child sit either behind you, or along side you and let them see how you tie laces, makes it a lot easier for them to learn from that angle, good luck ;-)” – Stevie

“Start off with 2 bunny ears and slowly graduate up to proper shoe lace tying” – Jean

“Loop, swoop and pull. Worked for my little girl. And Practice… practice… practice…” – Lora

“We did ‘Rabbit ear rabbit ear round we go into the hole & pull tight'” – Belynda

“YouTube videos – worked with my kids!” – Kristy

You may need to be patient…

“Patience, lots and lots of patience ” –  Andrea

“Patience and trying over and over they will get it! Allow lots of time” – Vera

“Just go slow and show them a lot.” – Miranda


How to lie your shoe laces, the easy wayHow to tie your shoe laces, the easy way

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Over to you now. Any tips for teaching your child tying shoelaces? Share them with us in the comments below

Tying Shoelaces

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