[WATCH] Tips for Parents for Dealing with Tantrums With Parenting Coach Val Mullally

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Ah the joys of Temper Tantrums. What to do when your child has a tantrum? Watch parenting coach Val Mullally as she shares tips for parents for dealing with tantrums:

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Val Mullally, parenting expert and author, gave a Facebook Live on our page on Friday 23rd March where she shared why some often-used strategies for tantrums aren’t good for your child and what does work for everyone’s benefit.


Here’s Val’s article 5 mistakes not to make when dealing with toddler tantrums and you can visit Val’s website at www.koemba.com and follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/koemba and on Twitter www.twitter.com/valmullally

Val also has an online parenting course called Behave which covers

  • how to handle your child’s challenging behaviour
  • why punishment doesn’t work; why discipline does
  • practical parenting tools to create a calmer, happier home.

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