What Do You Think of the Latest Craze for IKEA Baby Names?

Jill Holtz

April 8, 2018


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According to the BabyCentre website, a new source of name inspiration is IKEA. Yes IKEA! While most people would be familiar with the “Billy” bookcase, you probably wouldn’t think that using IKEA product names for babies would be a runner. We’ve picked some fun Ikea baby names to see what you think!

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Before you dismiss the idea, IKEA products are known for their unusual Scandinavian names so maybe the idea isn’t too crazy. Take a look at some of the potential babies names that you can find in the IKEA catalogue.

There are some nice Scandi-inspired names and some unusual ones that could work for either boys or girls.

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IKEA Baby Names – Yay or Nay?

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  • Avdala, a bookcase named after a Swedish town.
  • Bernhard, an office chair and the Scandinavian form of Bernard.
  • Cilla, a chair pad, but also a nice variation of Priscilla.
  • Dorthy, a floral pillow, it’s the short spelling of Dorothy and popular in Sweden.
  • Elly are dishtowels from IKEA, but also a nice variation on Ellie.
  • Emmie, pink striped fabric, it’s the Swedish version of Emma, there’s also Emmi.
  • Franklin, folding bar stool, but also a familiar boy’s name.
  • Fredde, a computer work station, but might be a nice change from Freddie or Frederick.
  • Gregor, a woven desk chair but originally the name means “watchful” and is short for the Russian name Gregorius or Gregory, in English.
  • Gurli, a linen throw, it is also a nice option for a baby girls’ name it is the Persian for “rose”.
  • Henrika, a turquoise cushion cover, but would also be an alternative to the more traditional Henrietta.
  • Hermine is a pink throw and the name is a variant of the Greek name “Hermione” meaning “to travel”.
  • Ingo is a table but also a boy’s name in Scandinavia and Germany, meaning “protected by Yngvi” one of the gods.
  • Ivar – there are lots of Ivar products available but it’s also a name derived from the Old Norse elements yr (yew, bow) and herr (warrior, army): so meaning “archer” or “bow warrior”.
  • Janinge is a chair, it is actually combination of two popular Scandinavian boys names (Jan and Inge).
  • Johanne, cushion cover and throw, is the Swedish version of Joanne.
  • Kallax, shelving units – unknown origin but might make a different name for a boy.
  • Lilla is a children’s potty! But the name is of Hebrew origin, and is a diminutive of Elisabeth, or Elizabeth, meaning “God is my satisfaction”.
  • Malinda, chair cushion but is also a nice variation on Melinda.
  • Mata, a kids eating set, means “to feed” in Swedish but also “wood” in Spanish
  • Melodi, a pendant lamp, is a variation on Melody
  • Norna, one of the three goddesses of destiny in Norse mythology and also a chair pad!
  • Ofelia, a Swedish girl’s name, is a throw blanket. Variation of Ophelia, derived from Greek οφελος ophelos meaning “help”.
  • Pax is a wardrobe accessories range; derived from the Latin word for peace
  • Reidar, a chair, is a popular Norwegian boys’ name, a modern version of the Norse name Hræiðarr, meaning “warrior from the start”
  • Rens is a sheepskin rug named after a small Danish village by the German border
  • Sofia, striped fabric is a Swedish girls’ name, variation of Sophia
  • Sommar is the Swedish for “summer” and you’ll find lots of different products from duvet covers to plant stands at IKEA.
  • Stefan, a Swedish boy’s name which is a variation of Stephen, also a chair
  • Stig is a bar stool – this boy’s name has Danish origins from old Norse Stígr meaning “wanderer”
  • Tarva is a furniture range, it’s also the Swedish word for “require”
  • Tobias is a chair at IKEA, it’s the Greek version of the Hebrew name Toviyah meaning “The goodness of God”

Or you could go for one of the best selling IKEA products for name inspiration: Malm, Ribba or Ektorp anyone?

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What Do You Think of the Latest Craze for IKEA Baby Names - Mykidstime

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