You’ll Be the Envy of All with these 15 Soccer Moms Essentials

Jill Holtz

April 8, 2016

soccer mom

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Like this? Share it with your network!

As parent to a sporty child, you’re going to be spending ALOT of time on the sidelines of swimming pools, arenas, pitches as you watch matches, galas and competitions. So here are some essential items that you’ll need to keep yourself going, recommended by parents of sporty children. We know that armed with these You’ll Be The Envy of All with these 15 Soccer Moms (and Dads!) Essentials:

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#1. Pocket handwarmers

#2. Flask with warm drink (no whisky though as you’re driving!)

#3. Raincoat with extra long hood to stop drips

#4. Big sturdy umbrella (but not for windy days)

#5. Smartphone gloves (e.g. iGotTech Texting Gloves available on and

smartphone gloves

#6. Your kindle in case you don’t want to talk to other parents :)

#7. A notepad and pen so you can be writing your shopping list/to do list for next week

#8. Latest favourite podcast downloaded on your phone so you can listen + earbuds

#9. Mobile phone battery pack to keep your mobile charged

#10. Change of clothes for yourself (never mind your child!)

#11. Good walking shoes or runners so you can do laps while your kids play their sport.

#12. Extra water, as you can bet your kids have forgotten their drinks bottles or need an extra top up

#13. Snacks x 10 or 15 as if you give something to your own child the rest of the team will be looking on hungrily! (and some chocolate for yourself!)

#14. Sunglasses and insect repellent for warmer days

#15. A folding stool or camping chair. Or for the extra envy-factor how about a pop up sports tent? Available on (price from £89.99 at time of writing.)

pop up sports tent

Over to you now! What else would you recommend for spending time on the sidelines? Share your thoughts in the comments below

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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