Clarks Guarantee Your Child’s Shoes Will Fit – or They’ll Replace Them for FREE!

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

July 27, 2020

Clarks school shoes guarantee

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We love to hear of good back to school deals for parents, because this is such an expensive time of year. If you are on the hunt for school shoes, this Clarks kids shoes guarantee will come as a huge relief – if your child’s shoes don’t fit them until February 2021, Clarks will replace them for free!

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Clarks have always been a firm favourite with parents looking for school shoes. For the most part, they are a traditional and classic choice, but usually very hard-wearing.

This is the reputation Clarks are willing to bet on. They guarantee that their trained fitters will select the right size for your child’s school shoes that will allow for growing room and still fit until February 2021 – or they’ll replace them!

We all know the importance of good, comfortable shoes – particularly for growing feet. But it can also result in a large financial cost for parents as children can easily grow out of their shoes within the school term!

Knowing that at least one back to school expense is ‘guaranteed’ is sure to make a big difference to parents. Plus, it means you can get ahead of the typical August back to school rush as there’s no longer a need to wait until the very last minute to get the right shoe size.

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How Does the Guarantee on Clarks School Shoes Work?

Clarks school shoes guarantee

As with any offer, there are conditions – but, from what we can see, they are pretty reasonable.

On the website, Clarks says:

“We guarantee that the shoes from an infant size 10 upwards will remain the correct fit for your child or children’s feet from the date of purchase to 28 February 2021 and Infant sizes 7-9.5 will remain the correct fit for your child or children’s feet from the date of purchase to 30 November 2020 or we will give you an exchange in accordance with the returns policy.”

The full returns policy can be found here, but the main terms are:

  1. The offer applies to full-price shoes only (including school shoes, school boots, plimsoles, and school sports shoes).
  2. The shoes must have been purchased between July 13th 2020 and September 14th 2020.
  3. You must buy your child’s shoes in-store. The offer does not apply to shoes bought online.
  4. The shoes must be fitted by a trained Clarks fitter to ensure the correct size.
  5. Shoes in Infant Size 10 and above can be exchanged up to February 28th 2021. Shoes in Infant Sizes 7 to 9.5 can be exchanged up to November 30th 2020.
  6. You must have a valid receipt as proof of purchase.
  7. If you return your child’s shoes, they must be checked by a trained Clarks fitter to ensure they no longer fit.
  8. You will then be offered an exchange to the same value of your purchase, or a refund if none are available.

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