Free Bunny or Chick for Families Under New Initiative

Jill Holtz

April 1, 2022

easter chick bunny

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Families can claim either a free baby chick or a bunny through a new scheme announced today by the Irish government. We think kids will love it and parents will enjoy seeing smiles on faces as their child cuddles a baby chick or fluffy bunny. Here’s how to claim your free rabbit or chicken in the Baby Animal Adoption scheme:

Free Baby Animal Adoption Scheme from the Irish Government

The new scheme is intended to encourage families who have a garden to take a rabbit or chicken and raise it. This will help support Irish rabbit and poultry farmers and give families the chance to teach their kids responsibility and benefit either from fresh eggs or droppings to use for growing your veg.

Families who apply will need to have a garden space for their rabbit or chick to live safely in, so with a fenced in area or coop. They will be given detailed instructions on how to care for their baby animal and an initial bag of food to get their baby animal off to a good start.

The timing of the new scheme is perfect with Easter coming up, you could have your very own Easter Bunny or Chick running around!

Benefits of Baby Animals

Benefits to kids include:

  • learning to be responsible for an animal
  • calming anxieties through stroking something fluffy and soft
  • posing for cute pics with cute animals

Benefits to parents include:

  • an extra thing to remember to look after when the kids forget
  • picking up droppings from your already wrecked garden
  • heart in mouth moments when you realise you can’t see the damn animal anywhere in your garden

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About the Baby Animal Adoption Scheme

The Baby Animal Adoption scheme, or “BAA” for short, is one of the Irish government’s latest projects launched to support Irish farmers and producers of chicken and rabbit.

Aoife McNamara, the government’s champion for the project said, “This new scheme is a particular favourite of mine. Nobody can resist a cute chick or a cute bunny, and it’s a sneaky way of getting these animals distributed across the country”.

How to Claim Your Free Chick or Bunny

To claim your free baby chicken or rabbit, just head over to the Irish government website, fill out your contact details and someone will be in touch with where to pick your chick or bunny up.

Free Bunny or Chick for Families Under New Initiative

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