11 Swashbuckling Pirate Theme Party Ideas

Caroline Kelly

May 5, 2016

Pirate theme

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Are you thinking of giving your wannabe Pirate Captain a party with a Pirate Theme? Here are 11 Swashbuckling Pirate Theme Party Ideas to make sure your kids have the jolliest Pirate Party ever. No walking the plank involved! 

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#1. Free Pirate Theme Printable Invites

First things first, every pirate mate will need a Pirate invite. We found this really cute Jake and The Neverland Pirates themed printable available from Oh My Fiesta.

Pirate theme park invites

#2. Pirate Party Telescopes

Aren’t these pirate party telescopes cute? Made from toilet rolls this could be a fun activity to do with your kids before the party. Alternatively turn it into a party activity that ties in with your pirate theme, and have every child make their own to keep.

pirate theme party telescopes

Image courtesy of weheartparties.com

#3. Pirate Party Decoration For Your Door

We like this idea from DestinationCraft, X marks the spot where the pirate party is taking place but each guest must follow the path to find the X! Super easy but also super exciting for little guests arriving to the best pirate party ever!

pirate theme party pirate map entrance

Image courtesy of destinationcraft.blogspot.com

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#4. What is Your Pirate Name?

This is a great pirate themed game for kids of all ages. Come up with 3 sets of suitable pirate names to cover every letter in the alphabet and get children to create their pirate names by picking one from each set, based on the first or last letter of their real names.

Once chosen, write their new names on stickers and everyone would have to call each other by their pirate names for the duration of the party.

Pirate theme names

Image from Pinterest – perfectlyprosser.com

#5. Make Your Own Pirate Swords

Every pirate needs a pirate sword! And these balloon swords look imminently burstable (part of the fun) plus nobody will get injured!. This will make the perfect pirate party activity that each child can take home afterwards….if they last that long!

Top Tip: borrow or buy a balloon pump if you don’t have one to speed up the whole process.

Pirate theme sword balloons

Image courtesy of Lelloandmonkey.com

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#6. Pirate Theme Party Food Ideas

We love these healthy snacks for pirates and their parrot friends! They look great so kids will be interested in eating them. Easy Pirate Bananas, Pirates Gold aka pieces of cheese, for parrots and mini pirates, carrot and crackers and a melon boat with dead mans fingers with blood, aka sausages and ketchup!

pirate theme bananas

Image courtesy of vitamin-ha.com

pirate themed gold Image courtesy of workmanfamily.typepad.com

We also need to feed the parrots and they do love carrots and crackers!

pirate themed Parrot FoodImage courtesy of spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com

Our colleague Denise made this fun melon pirate ship and relabeled some ketchup as blood to go with some ‘Dead Men’s Fingers’ (cocktail sausages) – arrrghh!

pirate themed melonDenise’s Melon Ship

pirate themed dead mans fingers with blood

and her Dead Man’s Fingers with Blood!

#7. Pirate Party Treasure Hunt

You’ll need some Pirate themed party games of course. There are hundreds to choose from but MomCreative.com have instructions for an awesome Pirate Treasure Hunt guaranteed to get the pirates hunting furiously.

Pirate Themed Party Treasure Hunt

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#8. Pirate Party Games & Activities

We found this fantastic pirate-themed board on Pinterest called ‘Pirates Ahoy’ with lots of game and activity ideas to keep your little pirates entertained for hours on end. From Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate to Pirate Puzzles and everything in between, this will help you plan the ultimate Pirate day!

pirate themed party activities

Pirates Ahoy on Pinterest

#9. Treasure!

Create your own edible treasure by coating Oreos or other biscuits with gold or silver edible spray for instant treasure!

pirate themed party food

Image courtesy of Purplechocolateathome.com

#10. Pirate Party Cakes

Pirate Cakes – where to begin, there are so many options!! From Jake to Captain Hook and back again these are some of our favourites:

pirate themed party cakes

Image courtesy of momspotted.com

pirate themed party cakes

Image courtesy of cakecentral.com

pirate themed party cakes

 Denise’s pirate ship cake

#11. Pirate Party Bags

Pirate party bags are so simple to make, using plain paper bags with a treasure map drawn on them and a fun message to thank your little ones pirate mates for coming along.

Have you got a Best Ever Tip for a Pirate Theme Party? Share it with us in the comments below.

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