40 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Extra Special on Their Birthday

Jill Holtz

April 15, 2022

Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special on Their Birthday(1)

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It’s your child’s birthday coming up. Maybe you always make a cake, sing Happy Birthday and host a party. But what about some other birthday traditions that will make your child feel really cool on their big day? Here are 40 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Extra Special on Their Birthday:

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From countdowns and smash walls to a scavenger hunt and a birthday interview, these easy and budget-friendly ways to mark your child’s birthday will have leave them beaming!

Fun Ways to Make Your Child Feel Extra Special on Their Birthday

#1. Birthday Countdown

Do a birthday countdown like an advent calendar with X Days to Go on a chalkboard or with fridge magnets or on a calendar marking off the days.

#2. Hang Up Birthday Bunting

ways to make a child feel special on their birthday

We have birthday bunting that comes out every birthday and is hung on our mantelpiece.

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#3. Birthday Coins in Their Shoes

Some families have a birthday tradition of the birthday fairy leaving coins in the birthday child’s shoes.

#4. Decorate Their Bedroom Door

Put lots of ribbons and a message on their bedroom door so they see it when they come out in the morning.

#5. Balloon Fun

birthday girl balloons

Tie a balloon on their door handle or fill their room with balloons whilst they are asleep so they get a nice surprise in the morning.

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#6. Note in Their Lunchbox

Put a special Happy Birthday note in their lunch box if they are going to school that day.

#7. Gift Wrap Their Lunch

You could gift wrap the bits of their lunch so they have to open mini presents at lunchtime.

#8. Birthday Bucket

This is a lovely idea from How Does She, to create a birthday bucket, a bit like a Christmas stocking idea adapted to birthdays.

birthday bucket tradition

Image courtesy of www.howdoesshe.com

#9. Birthday Message in the Bathroom

Use dry erase marker (or lipstick!) to write a message on the bathroom mirror.

#10. Smash Wall

Make a smash wall with streamers taped criss-cross over their bedroom doorway making a barrier that your child has to break through!

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#11. A Special Birthday Breakfast

Make something special for birthday breakfast that your child loves like waffles or French toast.

#12. Breakfast in Bed

 birthday breakfast in bed

If they are not at school that day or if you have time to get up a bit earlier you could bring them breakfast in bed, that is definitely something special.

#13. Make Their Chair a Birthday Chair

birthday chair decoration kit

Decorate the chair they normally sit at with fun streamers, etc.

There’s this nice Birthday Chair decoration kit available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk – although at the time of writing it’s quite a bit pricier on Amazon.co.uk!

If you purchase through our links we get a small commission.

#14. Birthday Dinner

Your child gets to choose what dinner they have on their birthday, it could be their favourite meal or something a bit different.

#15. Birthday Blessings

At dinner on the night of the birthday, go around the table and everyone says something they love about the birthday person.

#16. Go Out For Ice Cream

This is such a nice treat which we don’t normally do. Head out after dinner to the nearest ice cream shop and enjoy a birthday cone.

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#17. Birthday Interview

Ask them the same questions every year on their birthday. You can download our free birthday interview printable.

Or why not considering making a memory video where they answer the questions each year when they are old enough.

#18. Measure Their Height

Measure them and mark the door or wall so that you can show them how tall they are growing each year.

#19. Stories for X Year Olds

birthday book stories for four year olds

Buy them a story book for their age. Here are some links for Book Depository by age (we get a small commission if you buy through these links):

#20. Special Birthday Items to Wear

Have a special birthday hat or t-shirt or birthday badge that they get to wear for the day or during birthday dinner.

#21. Birthday Crown or Tiara

birthday girl tiara

Have a birthday crown or tiara that the birthday girl or boy has to wear.

#22. Birthday King or Queen

Make the birthday girl or boy King or Queen for the day. Perhaps they could dress up if they are younger.

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#23. Deposit Birthday Money

If it’s a week day, take them to the bank or credit union to deposit their birthday money.

#24. Skip Chores or Homework

Give them a “You can skip chores” or “No homework required” certificate or voucher.

#25. Picture in Same Place

Take their picture in the same spot or with the same item every year.

#26. Enjoy Past Birthdays

Look at photos or videos of past birthdays for fun memories together.

#27. Let Your Child Decorate Their Cake

girl birthday cake

Bake the cake and then let them loose with lots of delicious icing and decorations to make it their own custom-decorated birthday cake.

#28. Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Make a birthday scavenger or treasure hunt where they have to follow clues to find their big present.

#29. Birthday String

Set up a long string around the house that they have to follow to find presents.

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#30. Birth Story

One of our favourite ways to make your child feel extra special on their birthday is to recount the story of when they were born (while snuggling up of course!).

#31. Sing Happy Birthday at Their Birth Time

sing happy birthday

If their birth time is not too inconvenient sing “Happy Birthday” to them at that exact time they were born.

#32. Give a Birthday Book

Each year I pick a special hardback classic or favourite book I loved to give my daughters to enjoy and build their own book collection.

#33. Birthday Chalk Art

Love this idea from Babies to Bookworms to draw an outline of them and share some of their favourite things. You could also do this on a huge piece of paper indoors.

birthday chalk for Ways to make your child feel extra special on their birthday - Mykidstime

Image courtesy of Babiestobookworms.com

#34. Birthday Message Outside

Or why not leave a message on the pavement outside your house for when they get home from school.

birthday chalk message for Ways to make your child feel extra special on their birthday - Mykidstime

Image found on Pinterest

#35. Birthday Bath or Shower

They get to have a special birthday bubble bath or shower with special birthday only shower gel or soap or fun shampoo.

#36. New Birthday Pyjamas

You could get them new birthday pyjamas either for the night before to wake up in or to go to bed on the night of their birthday.

#37. Birthday Tree

birthday child by tree

On their first birthday plant a tree then every year have your child stand by it for a photo.

#38. Birthday Money by Age

Give them a Euro for every year of their age.

#39. Happy Birthday Light Box Message

Set up a Happy Xth Birthday message on a light box (or use a chalkboard if you don’t have one).

#40. X Gifts for X Years

Each year give them x gifts for their age, these can be small fun things.

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40 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Extra Special on Their Birthday - Mykidstime

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