How to Host a Fashion Show Sleepover Party


Looking from some different party themes for girls? Here’s how to host a fashion show sleepover party for girls – a party guaranteed to never “go out of style”! Read on for some tips on staging your party.

How to Host a Fashion Show Sleepover

A fashion show sleepover party for girls is a great way to build self-esteem, develop confidence and bring out the girls’ creativity, while having fun!

Party Preparation

To help bring out creativity, the girls will be creating sets, masks and other fun things to use throughout the night.

Make sure to plan ahead by saving household items like paper towel rolls (these can be wands, scepters, etc.), cereal boxes and other items that can be decorated and/or turned into props. Or alternatively, buy them at a craft store/online.

You will need:

  • Art SuppliesiStock_000002797251XSmallGlitter, rhinestones, markers, child safe glue and other decorating supplies.
  • A large flat bedroom sheet
  • Posterboard (one sheet for each team)
  • Paper plates with holes cut out for eyes
  • Allergy free makeup and hair products
  • Face paint

Once you have these supplies, you are ready to begin with the fun!

Party Invitations

The invitations are one of the most important things with a fashion show sleepover. They set the mood for the party when they arrive (you can hand make them and include rhinestones, fun accessories and even shape them to be tiaras or crowns) and you can collect or provide vital information.

  1. Make sure to ask the parents about any allergies their kids have on the RSVP (since you will be using makeup, hairspray, foods, etc.) so that you can have proper supplies for their kids without any issues. Here’s some top tips for managing allergies at parties.
  2. You’ll also want them to bring proper clothing for the night like a kids bath robe (we get into why a robe is important further down). It can be difficult to get a good range of kids robes all year round, so can use the invites to suggest resources that have them year round such as, eBay or Amazon.

Party Time Prep

girl playing with makeupIt’s party time – the girls have all arrived, so time for the fun to begin. For sleepover games, let the girls get creative in getting ready for the fashion show – they will need stage decorations, props, and masks.

Set the Stage

  1. Break the girls into evenly grouped teams.
  2. Have each team think of a name/theme for their group show. Keep the names secret because the other teams will be guessing the theme at the end of the evening.
  3. Once they have a theme, each girl will pick an individual character that matches the theme. For example, if the theme is Disney, they can be Disney characters. If it’s a Jungle they can be a Lioness, a Monkey etc.
  4. Using the supplies they have, get them decorating the products to create a stage, and props for their runway walk.
  5. They then create a poster that has each of their characters’ names on one side, and the team name on the other.


Each girl takes a paper plate and decorates them as a mask that represents their theme. If it’s a jungle theme, the girls can decorate them with animal prints or favorite foods instead of faces. If it’s princess, they can draw on crowns, jewellery, or the kingdom instead of a face. The trick is to have each one be unique and descriptive of their character and the team’s theme.


  1. Get the girls to put on their kids bath robes. Robes are easy to wash, protect their pajamas and also your house, from makeup! They can also be used as props during the show e.g. a cloak for a queen, a cape for a superhero, etc.
  2. Using child-safe make up, help the girls style each other’s hair and makeup to match their character.
  3. They can be creative and use facepaints if they have an animal theme, regular make up if their team is princesses, or even numbers and symbols in fun patterns if it’s a school or educational theme.