10 Simple School Morning Hacks Guaranteed to Make Life Easier

Jill Holtz

July 18, 2018

School morning hacks - Mykidstime

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I don’t know about you but in our house school mornings always seem a big rush as we scramble to get everybody ready and out of the house on time for school bus and work commutes. So we have rounded up 10 Simple School Morning Hacks Guaranteed to Make Life Easier:

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Keep the chaos, stress and shouting to a minimum with a plan for school mornings. Make sure everyone is in the know, and these school morning hacks will help get you out the door on time and in one piece!

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Get Ready With These School Morning Hacks

#1. Have the Uniform or Clothes in One Place

uniformstoragecube school morning hacksPut the school uniform or clothes for the next day in one designated place. Lay them out the night before so your child can get dressed easily and won’t waste time looking for things like the elusive socks, tie or sweatshirt.

We like this idea from Common Chaos to use a storage cube in the room where the uniform is kept, ready and easy to access.

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#2. Set the Table For the Morning

After dinner is out the way, get ahead by setting the table for morning. This is a good chore for kids to have and helps to save time in the morning.

Dry or non-refrigerated breakfast items can be set out along with utensils and bowls/plates.

#3. Make Quick Breakfasts

Overnight oats for easy camping meals - Mykidstime

Save pancakes for the weekend when you have more time, and keep school morning breakfasts simple.

Make up your porridge or Bircher Muesli the night before ready to switch on, or if you are need a change from cereal or porridge, here are some Quick and Healthy Breakfast ideas.

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#4. Establish a Routine

printable Morning_cards

Getting the kids into a routine will simplify and make school mornings easier and faster.

These printable morning flash cards from Amy at Living Locurto are cute and a great idea to help your child remember what they need to do. (She also has a cute After School Routine Free Printable Poster to help kids get organised when they come in.)

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#5. Make Lunches the Night Before

I have always made lunches the night before, put them in the fridge and they have been absolutely fine. But even if you prefer making the sandwiches on the morning, you can have everything else ready to go the night before.

DaNita from Delightful Order is super organised and has little divider trays for her kids’ lunches set up in the fridge. Check out her blog as she has lots of other great ideas for getting organised.

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#6. Pack School Bags the Night Before

kids walking to school

There’s nothing more guaranteed to stress you out than your child saying “oh Mom I need money for..” or “I need a note signed” just as you’re all running out of the door in the morning.

The night before, make sure your child’s school bag or backpack is packed and ready with completed homework, any signed notes, money for activities that they need to bring in, and so on.

#7. Check the Calendar or Noticeboard for Next Day

Check your calendar or noticeboard the night before and again before everyone heads out for the day. That way you know who is going where for after school activities, playdates, etc. Checking the evening before will also give you time to arrange any car pooling or pick ups with other parents if needed.

On a Monday evening at dinner time we always discuss what everyone has on that week so that at least we have no surprises later in the week.

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#8. Keep Hair Stuff Handy

hair elastics school morning hacksWe keep hairbrushes in one container, hair bands/ties in another, and any hair detangling spray nearby so that hair styling can be done quickly and easily. Here are 6 Easy Hairstyles for School To Make Mornings Simpler.

I like this cool idea to keep your hair ties together, on a carabiner.

Also nearby is the tea-tree spray for helping to keep hair lice away. A quick spray every morning before we leave is in our routine.

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#9. Handy Toothbrush Storage

Keep toothbrushes downstairs in the kitchen in a drawer with an organiser so they are handy and don’t cause delays or come up with excuses as kids wander off upstairs and take ages!

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#10. Make a Space for Storing School Bags

school bags hanging for school morning hacks

Create a command centre in your home, in a hallway, utility room or some other convenient space.

Hang schoolbags up and use efficient storage to keep everything that needs to go out with family members in one place, for example lunch bags, gym kits, folders, coats, hats, gloves, etc.

We love this example from The Organised Housewife which shows how you can also use this space for the family calendar, important notices and reminders, and so on.

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Have your say! What’s your standby tip for helping to save time and make school mornings go easier? Any super school morning hacks to share with us? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

10 Simple School Morning Hacks Guaranteed to Make Life Easier - Mykidstime

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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