8 Delicious Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings


If your house is anything like mine on a weekday morning then breakfast is probably a fairly manic and stressful mealtime experience that is more to be endured than enjoyed. But, let’s face it, love it or loathe it, it’s really important to start the day with a good and nutritious breakfast (see, Mum was right all along!) so here are 8 delicious, quick and healthy breakfast ideas for busy mornings that will help to keep bodies nourished and stress levels to a minimum.

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#1. Good Old Porridge

healthy breakfast ideas porridge

Ok, this one is pretty obvious, I know, but the thing is, many people still believe they don’t have time to make porridge for the family, on busy school mornings. A big pot of porridge – whether it’s for 3 or 6 people, takes just 15 minutes max to make. And as oats are a high energy/slow release food, it keeps everyone full for longer, and ensures that the whole family starts the day on a healthy note.

#2. Eggs – Boiled, Scrambled, Omelettes

healthy breakfast ideas Eggs

After associating breakfast with nothing but cereal – in some form or other – for many years, one prescribed and religiously adhered to detox diet was all it took for eggs to become a regular breakfast option in our house. And here’s the thing, aside from the fact that eggs are high in protein and nutritious, they are also incredibly versatile and no matter what form you go for (boiled, scrambled or omelette), they are simple and quick to prepare.

#3. Fruit Kebabs and Yoghurt

healthy breakfast ideas Fruit Wands

In Ireland we tend to be quite conservative when it comes to breakfast. Almost universally, breakfast cereal is what we have grown up with and we find it hard, therefore, to break this association and think of other breakfast options: such as for example, fruit and yoghurt.

Rather than relying on breakfast cereal (with its dubious health benefits), every morning, why not make some delicious, fresh fruit kebabs and serve them with some yoghurt? Make the kebabs the night before and hey presto, you have a delicious, natural, and healthy breakfast idea that everyone will love!

#4. Smoothie

healthy breakfast ideas blackberry oat smoothie

Another great breakfast option, and one that will help to keep breakfast both exciting and nutritious, is to make delicious, fresh fruit smoothies.

Use either fresh fruit or frozen fruit of your choosing, along with Greek yoghurt or some other liquid such as milk, fruit juice, or coconut water. Check out some great recipes right here and you’ll see how easy this really is!

#5. Overnight Oats

healthy breakfast ideas Overnight Oats

If time really is of the essence in your house on a weekday morning, then overnight oats with fresh fruit is the perfect option for you!

Simply grab some oats, mix them with milk, coconut/almond milk or apple juice and a combination of other delicious ingredients such as fruit, nuts, seeds etc. Leave in the fridge overnight and that’s it, In the morning you’ll have a delicious, nutritious, ready-made breakfast that the whole family will enjoy.

#6. Cereal with Fun Fruit Faces

healthy breakfast ideas fruit with cereal

The key to getting your kids to eat a good breakfast is to make it a fun experience. A bowl of porridge every morning is certainly healthy, but it’s not hard to see why it may result in arguments and stress on a busy morning! And similarly, while more healthy wholegrain cereals may not be the cereal of choice for most kids if you were to let them loose on the cereal aisle in your local supermarket, by simply adding pieces of fruit to create your own funny face characters, is one sure-fire way to add some fun to breakfast time. And get your kids eating up without enduring the stress of morning time battles!

#7. Boiled Eggs with Soldiers

healthy breakfast ideas boiled eggs

Oddly, people seem to think that ‘making boiled eggs’ (there’s not much to make really is there?!) is too much hassle on a busy weekday morning. Well, let me 100% debunk this myth. Simply put them in a pot covered with cold water, and once they start to boil leave them for 3-4 minutes and that’s them done. When they’re nearing completion put a few slices of bread in the toaster and present your toast as tasty little slivers for dipping, and your kids will love it!

#8. Healthy Pancakes

healthy breakfast ideas Recipes for Healthy Pancakes

Ok so while the boiled eggs could become a midweek breakfast staple, pancakes have more of a treat feel to them and therefore they’re probably more a once a week option than one you’d opt for every day.

But seriously, how easy are pancakes to make, and even more to the point, how easy is it to make them a healthy option? You can create them in the traditional way, eggs, flour, milk or using everything from porridge oats to bananas. Add healthy toppings to finish them off and you will have a very happy family.

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