10 Simple Tips for Making School Mornings Easier


August 26, 2018

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#6. Plan for breakfast the night before

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Lay the table for breakfast the night before. Make breakfast something that is quick to get ready the next morning. You could have porridge soaking, or bircher muesli (we like this recipe from my little gourmet) made and in the fridge. If your kids like pancakes, batch cook pancakes, and freeze them, and then can just pop them in toaster in the morning.

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#7. Get up earlier yourself

Hard as it may be, you should set your alarm earlier to allow yourself time to be organised. If your kids are slow movers in the morning, get them up 15 minutes earlier too.

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#8. Have clothes ready night before

Leave out all clothes/uniforms, socks, underwear for your kids the night before, and get them dressed before breakfast. Leave their bags, coats, hats, gym or swimming bags, shoes etc by the door the night before also.

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#9. Have a morning routine

Have a morning routine, stick to it and explain it to the kids. It’s often easier to get the kids on-board once they know the routine.

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#10. Avoid technology

It’s best to avoid technology in the mornings, and this one applies to parents too. Listen to the radio, but don’t be tempted to turn on TVs or laptops, or check your emails/messages – it’s just too distracting.

With these, your family will be sure to have a less frantic start to the day, and everyone will be a bit calmer and happier. Good Luck!

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Over to you now! Have you any extra tips for making school mornings easier? Please share them in the comments below.

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