My Tips for Balancing Work and Family Life in a Healthy Way

Bel Messer

July 21, 2015

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Like this? Share it with your network!

Finding it difficult juggling work and family life? In need of a few work life balance tips? Although I’m not the guru and know-it-all of work/family life balance, I have figured out a few things. Here are my tips for balancing work and family life in a healthy way.

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First things first. I have found out that if you enjoy and like to work, then you simply must. Also, if you need to work, then you simply must too. And park all the rest of that guilt!

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Make the Balance Easier

family dinnerTo make the balance easier when working from home or even from the office, try implement some of the following:

  • Block out a period of your day and purely dedicate it to your family.
  • Designate one night a week family night – it could be a family board game night, playing cards, reading together, movie night etc.
  • Try have dinner together each evening, with no technology interruptions.
  • Share a lesson learned or sharing something fun that happened that particular day. Even the most mundane of days has something worthy of discussion.
  • Make the mornings easier with some forward planning.

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Switching Off

On phoneWorking from home, it can be hard to ‘switch off’. Sometimes by simply having a mobile phone with email near you can turn into work unexpectedly. It can be helpful to strategically leave your phone in the home where it cant be heard or by turning it on silent when you want to spend family time.

For those who work in the office, it is equally as important to not become a slave to the mobile device when ‘clocked off’. It is easy to get caught up as we all know, but realistically, responding to the email or call in the morning is completely acceptable.

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Kids Can Help Too

helping with choresKids want to know that they are Number 1! Well of course.

But they also need to know that what you are doing is important too. Children learn by what they know – by watching their parents head off to work, or work from home, is great role modelling.

Don’t get me wrong. It is also marvelous role modelling to teach young kids how to work around the home. Cooking, washing, tidying, these are all great skill sets to share equally for the modern son or daughter.

Age appropriately, children can become your greatest helpers. Nothing is for nothing these days.

When they are old enough, it is definitely in their best interest to learn to make their beds, bring their washing to the laundry and help to prepare dinner with an adult. The older they get the more help they can become to you.

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Gone should be the days of a mum or dad slaving over their family while they chill out on the couch asking ‘whats for dinner?’ I would certainly hope so anyhow!

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My Tips for Balancing Work and Family

Over to you! Share your tips for a healthy work-life family-life balance in the comments below.

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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