Discover a Unique New Wooden Toy Rental Service from DluluKaloo


March 14, 2022

Dlulukaloo wooden toy rental service

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Would you like to give your children a brand new toy experience every month without the headache of storage or getting rid of items once they have outgrown them? Irish wooden toy company DluluKaloo not only sell high quality wooden toys, but have launched a brand new wooden toy rental service.

Take your pick from balance bikes, activity frames, and Montessori favourites for all ages, or get the DluluKaloo team to recommend items based on your needs, then rent the toys for one month or longer and simply give them back when the kids are finished with them!

If it happens that kids fall in love with the toys – you can always choose to keep them. If toys are kept – no rental fee will be charged.

A Clever Solution for Parents

We always had a rule of “one in, one out” when it came to toys. I was lucky enough to have space in the attic to store toys when they weren’t being used, so I could rotate them on a regular basis.

But many homes simply don’t have this space, or children get bored playing with the same toys and want new ones to enjoy. The wooden toy rental service from DluluKaloo offers parents an ideal solution.

How the Wooden Toy Rental Service Works

To place your order, visit DluluKaloo and select the wooden toys you like or use their tailor made bundle service where you fill in details of what you want and they match the bundle to your needs – pay a security deposit + monthly rental fee, starting from €25, and get your bundle for a month to enjoy.

Once you’re finished, you can either send it back, exchange it for something different (just like a wooden toy library), or you can keep it!

  • If you decide to keep the whole bundle – no rental fee will be charged
  • If you decide to keep parts of it – your rental fee will be reduced
  • DluluKaloo cover the cost of delivery to you and you cover the cost to send the items back.
  • If you would prefer to buy without renting – that is absolutely fine.

The benefits of wooden toys are endless – they encourage a child’s imagination. They are safe, durable, and of course environmentally friendly.

Below are a small selection of the wooden toys that are offered through the rental service. You can find more on DluluKaloo Facebook, Instagram and website.

Balance Bike

Dlulukaloo wooden toy rental service

The Eureka Acrobat Balance bike 2 in 1 is safe, flexible and fun. It has an adjustable seat which can be removed to convert the bike into a scooter.

It can be rented for 1 month for €25 and is suitable for children aged 3 to 6 years.

Pickler Triangle

Dlulukaloo wooden toy rental service

The JUUPI pickler triangle supports the development of motor skills in children from the age of 12 months. It can be set up indoors or outside and can be folded away when not in use.

It can be rented for 1 month for €35 and is suitable for children aged 1 to 6 years.

Wooden Toy Rental Service

Choose from a variety of hand picked, kid approved wooden toys to rent for 1 month or more. Create your own bundle or let DluluKaloo create a bespoke bundle based on your needs!

Tell Me More!
Dlulukaloo wooden toys rental service

Montessori Wooden Toy Bundle

Dlulukaloo wooden toy rental service

This Montessori bundle comes with a spinning drum, Lilliputiens activity panel and an object permanence box. Each object works in a different way to improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, sight, hearing and imagination.

The bundle can be rented for 1 month for €25 and is suitable for children aged 6 months+

Foldable Wooden Rocker

Dlulukaloo wooden toy rental service

The KateHaa Waldorf Rocker is an innovative toy helping children develop a variety of different skills. It can be used in a variety of different ways including as a see-saw, a rocker, a climbing frame and a shop stand or whatever your little one imagines! Best of all it can be folded away when not in use.

You can rent the wooden rocker for 1 month for €35 and it is suitable for children from 1 month+

Wooden Garage Toy Bundle

Dlulukaloo wooden toy rental service

The Egmont wooden garage and crane contains 3 trucks, 2 cars, road signs and containers ensuring hours of fun! It comes with a 2nd toy bundle of your choice.

The Egmont wooden garage toy bundle can be rented for 1 month for €25 and is suitable for children aged 3+

Balance Board

Dlulukaloo wooden toy rental service

The KateHaa wooden balance board is a fun toy that can help improve gross and fine motor skills, coordination, posture and strengthen muscles. It comes in 4 sizes and is recommended by physiotherapists around the worlds.

The wooden balance board can be rented in starter, original and large sizes for 1 month from €25 and is suitable for ages 0 to 99 years+!

Wooden Activity Cube and 2 Ramps

Dlulukaloo wooden toy rental service

The KateHaa activity play cube, climbing ramp and ladder offers children the opportunity to climb, crawl, balance and improve their gross and find motor skills, balance and strength in a safe, fun way.

The activity cube bundle can be rented for 1 month for €45 and is suitable for children aged 6 months+

About DluluKaloo

DluluKaloo are based in Greystones, Co Wicklow and have been in business since 2020. Like many new businesses, it was born from a need they didn’t feel was being met.

Their youngest child Ruadhan was 9 months old and was showing an interest in playing with toys. They wanted to move away from plastic toys but struggled to find high quality, wooden alternatives that were in their price range.

And so they launched DluluKaloo, offering a variety of gorgeous wooden toys including the brands: Alphabet Jigsaws, Bauspiel, Clicques, Egmont toys, Ette Tete, Friendly toys, Goki, Gnezdo toys, Holztiger, Juupi, KateHaa, Lilliputiens, Skandico, Skazki Dereva, Tickit and many many more, as well as one-off handmade pieces and toys based on the educational Montessori principles.

The business is a real family affair, with eldest daughter Daniela helping to select, test and approve all of the toys on offer. Daniela can also take credit for being the inspiration behind the unique name. Her first two words: ‘Dlulu’ meaning ‘Elephant’ and ‘Kaloo’ meaning ‘a Ball’ were combined to create the name.

All of the wooden toys on, Facebook and Instagram can be purchased or you can rent any of the items for up to a month or more. And if your children love them, you can purchase some or all of the toys at a discounted rate. Or once they have finished playing with them, send them back.

You can choose the wooden toys you wish to rent or get in touch and DluluKaloo will create a custom rental bundle based on your needs.

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