18 Eggstremely Fun Easter Hacks You’ll Want to Know

Jill Holtz

February 3, 2022

Easter eggs for Easter hacks - Mykidstime

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We know how busy life as a parent is and Easter can be extra busy with school holidays, Easter Egg hunts to co-ordinate, and of course, getting ready for the Easter Bunny to visit. So, we know you’ll love these eggstremely fun and useful Easter hacks!

By their nature, hacks are designed to make life easier or more fun – and these Easter hacks are no different. From cute Easter-themed food ideas to easy egg dyeing, we’ve got some fun things for you to try!

Weird and Wonderful Easter Hacks

#1. Create Multi Coloured Eggs

easter hacks - coloured eggs

Give hardboiled eggs an Easter makeover!

Hard boil your eggs, then dye them with different food colours (thanks to this idea from Hot DIY Ideas) before filling them for delicious Easter devilled eggs, like these ones from Simply Recipes.

#2. Create Easter Goodie Boxes

Aren’t these cute?! These homemade paper plate gift boxes are perfect for holding cookies, chocolates or perhaps a little Easter goodie bag? It’s Always Autumn shows you just how to make them, and you’ll whip them up in minutes!

#3. Easy Egg Shell Removal

On the hunt for useful Easter hacks, we’ve discovered the secret to getting those pesky shells off easily! Add baking soda to your water when boiling the eggs to make the shells easy to remove. When the water with baking soda passes through the eggshell, it helps the albumen to separate from the shell.

Extra tip: refrigerate your eggs before adding them to the water. (NB The fresher the eggs, the more the shell is to stick).

Or try this egg in a glass of water trick!

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#4. Try Ombre Eggs

easter hacks - ombre eggs

These are STUNNING! Sugar and Charm created these gorgeous ombre dyed eggs for Easter, and we are obsessed. Pick your favourite colour and then create this eye-catching ombre effect, which would be perfect for decorating your Easter table.

#5. Make Easy Bunny Bunting

easter hacks - bunting

She’s Kinda Crafty had an adorable idea for Easter bunting that the kids are sure to love making! Print out or draw a bunny shape and use that as your template to trace and cut out lots of bunnies from different colour paper. Add some cotton wool for a fluffy bunny tail, and string together to create adorable bunny bunting.

#6. Make Pretty String Eggs

These string eggs look daunting, but they’re really not. Use small balloons and wool or string dipped in glue, then wrap the string across the balloon. When the glue has set, burst the balloon and remove it, leaving pretty string eggs you can use to decorate.

#7. Use Pipe Cleaners for Bunny Napkin Holders

easter hacks

This great idea from Creativity For Kids is simple enough for even the youngest child to get involved with. Your guests will love this quirky touch!

#8. How to Blow Out Eggs Easily

Martha Stewart recommends using a rubber ear syringe to remove the egg from the shell easily, leaving you with a hollowed out shell ready to dye in a rainbow of colours.

#9. Use a Whisk for Colouring Eggs

easter hacks

When it comes time to dye your eggs, try using a whisk to hold the eggs while you dip them. Not only will it keep the mess to a minimum, but it will also save your fingers from ending up stained with the dye.

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If you’re looking to entertain family and friends over the coming weeks, you won’t want to miss these great ideas for Easter desserts that are fun, easy and utterly delicious!

easter desserts container

#10. Make an Easy Bunny Cake

We found one of our favourite Easter hacks on Pinterest showing you how to make a bunny cake from two round cakes. Imagine how excited the kids would be to see this for dessert!

Start by baking two round cakes, then cut the edges off like a tennis ball pattern – the curved edges transform into bunny ears and the remaining centre can become the bunny’s bow tie!

#11. Transform Your Dinner Rolls

Why would you have dinner rolls, when you can have Easter bunny dinner rolls?! We love this idea from Mommy is a Chef of snipping ears into the dough before baking.

#12. Easter Bunny Lunch

Toddlers and preschoolers (and me!) will be so excited to have an Easter Bunny lunch. Use little plastic eggs as mini lunch containers, then fill with an assortment of nibbly bites.

#13. Glow in the Dark Eggs

We found this idea on Pinterest for glow in the dark Easter eggs, and it’s genius! You could do this just for fun, or to make a unique Easter egg hunt for older kids.

#14. Make Bunny Napkins

Give your Easter table a real flair with these adorable bunny napkins. You can see how to fold these cute bunnies, and several others, at Lushome.

#15. Make Minion Eggs

easter hacks

Catch My Party used googly eyes and a Sharpie to transform plastic eggs into minion eggs. Your little minions will enjoy finding these in the Easter egg hunt!


Chocolate, sweets, a visit from the Easter Bunny, baby animals…what’s not to love!

Now you can add some eggstra fun to your seasonal activities with our FREE Easter scavenger hunt!

Easter Scavenger Hunt Download - Mykidstime

#16. Create Cute Bunny Hair

Need some ideas for a school dress-up day, or just something cute for the Easter holidays – you’ll love Betsy Ciao‘s instructions for cute bunny hair, including a how to video.

#17. Make LEGO Easter Eggs

easter hacks

Do you have a LEGO fan in your house? Glue mints onto eggs before painting them to make cute LEGO Easter Eggs.

#18. Make a Bunny Head Fresh Fruit Platter

easter hacks

Take a break from all the chocolate and sweets this Easter, and create an Easter-themed fruit platter. Worth Pinning used a variety of chopped fruit to make the cutest Easter bunny!

18 Eggstremely Fun Easter Hacks You'll Want to Know - Mykidstime

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