20 Supersonic Super Fun Space Crafts for Kids to Make

Jill Holtz

September 27, 2018

space crafts for kids

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Do you have a space-mad child? Are they always talking about rockets and planets and the Moon? Here are 20 Supersonic Super Fun Space Crafts for Kids to Make:

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From telescopes to galaxy jars to moon and sun paper plate crafts, there are lots of galactic themed crafts for your child to have a go at.

Space Crafts for Kids to Make

#1. Make a Telescope

This easy Make a Telescope craft from Highlights.com uses cardboard rolls and your child will have fun making and then using it. Head out after dusk to spot things in the sky, stars, airplanes, satellites — maybe even a shooting star!

make a telescope space craft

Image courtesy of Highlights.com

#2. Toilet Roll Space Rocket

We love this toilet roll craft rocket created by Michelle McInerney aka MollyMoo for Kidsactivities. It’s made with no paint, no mess, takes less than 10 minutes to put together and is then ready to take to the skies in a playroom near you.

molly moo spacecraft toilet roll craft

Image courtesy of MollyMoo for Kidsactivities

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#3. Straw Rockets

Make these fun straw rockets, you’ll find instructions and a free template for printing on Buggyandbuddy.com. This activity makes a great science exploration and is perfect for the classroom. Kids can compare how different angles of the straw affect the distance the rocket travels or how adding fins or folding the rocket in different ways can affect its flight.

straw rockets

Image courtesy of Buggyandbuddy.com

#4. Galaxy Jar

Isn’t this Galaxy Jar from MomDot.com lovely? It’s easy to make and is a perfect sensory bottle or calm down jar craft that kids and adults alike will love.

galaxy jar

Image courtesy of MomDot.com

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#5. Spaceship Port Hole

Make this cute spaceship porthole craft from Funfamilycrafts.com using a paper plate, aluminum foil, some leftover foam, pipe cleaners and your imagination for what’s outside the spaceship!

space ship porthole

Image courtesy of Funfamilycrafts.com

#6. Constellation Jar Lamp

This DIY Constellation Jar lamp is easy to make and uses inexpensive materials. Find step by step instructions on Ideas2live4. It would also be a great idea as a nightlight to help kids to get to sleep.

constellation jar lamp

Image courtesy of Ideas2live4

#7. Space Shuttle Craft for Kids

Transform a paper towel roll into your very own rocket ship. Pinkstripeysocks.com talks you through the project and includes a free printable template for the space shuttle parts that you will need to go with the paper towel roll.

Space Shuttle Craft

Image courtesy of Pinkstripeysocks.com

#8. Puffy Paint Moon

Have fun making a moon with puffy paint, like this one from Creative Family Fun for Rainydaymum. You’ll need some shaving cream and glue and marbles!

puffy moon craft

Image courtesy of Creativefamilyfun.net for Rainydaymum

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#9. Moon Button Collage

Isn’t this moon button collage from Adventure in a box stunning? We love it and it’s so easy to put together that even young children can help make this craft. Just follow their instructions printing out the template and you’ll obviously need plenty of buttons!

moon button collage craft

Image courtesy of Adventure-in-a-box.com

#10. Stained Glass Earth Suncatchers

These stained glass Earth suncatchers from Crafts On Sea are lovely. You’ll find the instructions for how to make them, you just need card, contact paper and cellophane.

stained glass earth suncatchers

Image courtesy of Crafts On Sea

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#11. Star Art

This Star art project from Mess for Less is a great one for fine motor skills. There’s a free star template you can print to use and then give your child paint and qtips to make dots with.

qtip star art

Image courtesy of Mess for Less

#12. Handprint Rocket Ship

Isn’t this a cool idea? Use a handprint to make the body of your rocket ship and then add details on like the wings and booster jets. Or for a different version use a footprint for the rocket body.

Images found on Pinterest handprint and footprint

#13. Galaxy Play Dough

Galaxy playdough is really easy to make and so fun. It is super smooth, ultra sparkly, and REALLY stretchy. Recipe and instructions on Growing a Jeweled Rose.

galaxy play dough

Image courtesy of Growing a Jeweled Rose

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#14. Name Rocket

I absolutely love this idea, your child’s name as the rocket stuck onto construction paper and decorated with stars and glitter. It would make a lovely personalised artwork for their room too.

name rocket

Image found on Pinterest

#15. Orbiting Planets

This is a cool space craft project for kids, orbiting planets from Busy Bee Kids Crafts, and a great way for kids to learn the planets in our solar system. It uses construction paper and a paper fastener. There’s a free template to print the planets that can be coloured in and stuck to your orbiting wheel.

 orbiting planets

Image courtesy of Busy Bee Kids Crafts

#16. Astronaut Glove Box

What a fabulously fun idea from Giftofcuriosity.com to make a DIY astronaut glove box  which lets kids pretend to be astronauts studying moon rocks.

diy astronaut glove box

Image courtesy of Giftofcuriosity.com

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#17. Plastic Lid Solar System

Create a solar system of recycled plastic lid planets, a fun recycled material craft that also teaches kids about our solar system. You’ll find the instructions on Still Playing School.


Image courtesy of Still Playing School

You can listen to the Planets song while you are making it too!

#18. Paper Plate Star Twirler

I love this paper plate start twirler from Red Ted Art. It’s a great space themed craft for a child to make and lovely to hang from a ceiling then. You could use planets instead of the stars.


Image courtesy of Red Ted Art

#19. Paper Mache Planets

Aren’t these paper mache planets cool? You’ll find the paper mache paste recipe and instructions here. NB you will need a couple of days to make this as you have to allow the paper mache to dry and then the paint to dry.

paper mache planets

Image courtesy of Instructables

#20. Moon and Sun Paper Plate Craft

This paper plate Moon and Sun craft from Krokotak is so simple yet fun for kids to make and paint. Instruction on the video:

Have your say! Did you try out any of these fun space crafts for kids? Tell us in the comments below.space crafts for kids

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