Fall in Love with these 7 Cute Valentines Crafts for Kids


We love Valentines Day because it’s the perfect time to go lovey dovey arty crafty with the kids and get them making all sorts of cute heart related crafts. We guarantee you will Fall In Love With These 7 Cute Valentine Crafts for Kids that we picked for you. What’s not to love!

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#1. Heart Collage

With a used cereal box and some old magazines, create this wonderful collage Valentine Heart, the ultimate recycled but lovely gift.

valentine craft for kids

#2. Crayon Hearts

Using wax paper and crayons, you can create this simple but effective window decoration. Any sunlight will beam through them and brighten up your room.

valentine crafts for kids

#3. Hand on Heart

We love this simple but effective hand heart. Trace around your hands on a piece of folded card and cut out. Then go wild with your creative decorations! See how to recreate.

Valentine Crafts for KIds hand heart art

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#4. Tree of Hearts

Cut out lots of hearts from old magazines and make a beautiful Tree of Hearts with an outline of your child’s arm as the trunk.

valentine crafts for kids


#5. Stained Glass Hearts

Great activity particularly for preschoolers who will love tearing tissue paper and glueing to make stained glass hearts.

valentine crafts for kids


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#6. Love Fox

This cute Love Fox is made by cutting out lots of different heart shapes and assembling with some goggly eyes.

  • Cut out 1 large heart
  • 12 small hearts (4 white, 4 black, 2 green and 2 using the same colour as the main heart)
  • Glue them together as shown below to create your heart fox
  • You could add goggly eyes to embellish further.

valentines crafts for kids heart fox

Watch how to make it here.

#7. Monster Valentine Holders

And for something a bit different, what about making these cute Monster Boxes to post your Valentines in!

valentine crafts for kids


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Did you try any of these Valentine crafts for kids out? Tell us how you got on in the comments below.

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