It’s a Snow Day! 15 Great Ideas for Memorable Snow Fun

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

February 28, 2019

snow fun

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Snowy days are here! If your kids are anything like mine, this means wrapping up warm and getting out into the chilly air for some fun in the snow. If you have snow on the ground or due soon, don’t miss these great ideas for snow fun to make the most of this family time.

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If your kids are determined to be out in the snow, you might be on the hunt for some activities for snowy fun.

From the classic snowball fight to the science of volcanos, we have tried all of these ideas – and your kids will love them!

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Ideas for Snow Fun & Games

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?
snow fun

Can you create a super snowman? The classic snowman has a carrot nose, a scarf and big black buttons, but this is the time to get creative! Take some inspiration from Frozen’s Olaf and make your own snow figure.

Challenge your family to something creative. We tried a gymnastic snowman who was mid-cartwheel…it was hilariously bad, but worth the effort.

Follow the Footprints

snow fun

Use your footprints to create a picture, design a pattern or follow a trail. You could also look for animal footprints in the snow and guess what’s been wandering about!

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Make a Snow Volcano

snow fun - snow volcano

Snow, science and lava – it’s a snow volcano! All you need for this great snowy science experiment is baking soda, washing up liquid, vinegar and food colouring. Follow the very simple steps from Science Sparks and you can create a volcano in your own garden.

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Feed the Birds

With snow covering the ground, the birds aren’t able to source enough food. Make sure to top up your bird feeders, or scatter bird seed out for those hungry little birdies. You’ll be a real hero!

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Create a Snow Village

snow fun

How Wee Learn set up a whole road system and village layout in the snow – perfect for car-mad preschoolers who want to spend their time driving all their toy cars around.

Go Sledging

snow fun sledding

Of course, one of the most popular snow fun activities! But don’t worry if you don’t have a sledge to hand – in Ireland we don’t get enough snow to really warrant having one, but we have Magyver-ed one this year! Who knew those big blue IKEA bags would work so well?

Other suggestions for homemade sledges include anything with a smooth surface. At our local park today there was a great display of homemade sledges, including heavy duty bin liners, the lid of a plastic storage box, summer pool inflatables (a ring and even a crocodile), several wheelie bin lids, and one child on a surfboard! However, my vote for the Sledging Gold Medal goes to the kiddos riding down the hill in a plastic laundry basket and a baby bath!

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Make a Snow Marker

snow fun

Task your kids with a project to see exactly how much snow has fallen. Using simple craft equipment you most likely have at home, you can make a snowman gauge like this one from Preschool Toolkit.

Make Snow Angels

snow angels

Even the littlest kid can get in on the snow angel action! I find this one a good activity for the end of the fun snow play, because getting covered in snow is usually the sign to go in and warm up.

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Snow Painting

snow painting fun

A snow-filled garden or driveway is the perfect blank canvas for your little ones to create a masterpiece. With spray bottles, food colouring and water you can create the perfect tool for painting the snow, just like The Sits Girls did.

Put Your Feet Up

baker gal snow chair

When you need a break from all the snow fun and games, put your feet up in your very own snow chair, just like this one from Baker Gal.

Make Snow Marbles

snow marbles

You can create snow marbles like these ones from Creekline House. This absolutely genius idea requires only balloons, water and food colouring…and a few hours of chill time.

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Catch a Snowflake

Snow fun

Take a minute in all the snowy fun to just appreciate the magic of the snowflake.

It was always thought that no two snowflakes were the same – however, this has since been disproved. The magic of the snowflake is really something to behold!

Make a Snowy Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course in your garden, using the snow as the main event. The activities could include: throwing a snowball at a target, shovelling snow from point A to point B; belly crawling through the snow drifts; pirouettes on the ice; snow angels; pushing and pulling your team mate on a sledge. Don’t forget to let us know what you come up with for your obstacle course!

Take a Nature Walk

Snow forest

Enjoy the shimmering snow in all it’s glory with a nature walk. Even the most mundane walk around the block looks completely different when covered with snow.

Use your senses to listen to the wind and snow, to touch the chilly snow, and bring a magnifying glass to examine it closely. Keep an eye out for animal footprints, snow drifts, icicles in the trees, snow-covered spider’s webs, and Spring flowers trying to break through the snow.

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Have a Snowball Fight

This needs no introduction – in fact, your kids will probably have nailed you with snowballs the second they step outside. Build up a snowball arsenal and add a little difficulty to the game with teams, targets or even a snowy game of Capture the Flag.

Warm Up…Before Doing It All Over Again!

When it’s time to come in from all the snow fun outside, reward yourselves (and thaw out!) with a big bowl of soup or a fortifying hot chocolate. Then get set to head out all over again…!

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Have your say! What fun things do your kids enjoy doing in the snow? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

It's a Snow Day! 15 Great Ideas for Memorable Snow Fun - Mykidstime

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