7 Simple Experiments to Get Kids Excited About Science

simple science experiments for kids can balancing

Can a tin can really balance on its own at an angle? How does refraction work? Can you pick up a potato with a straw? Well we took to Facebook live to answer just these questions and more. Check out these 7 simple science experiments for kids of all ages to get excited about science. 

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Enjoy These 7 Simple Science Experiments for Kids of All Ages.

These simple science experiments for kids do not require specialist equipment or ingredients and are safe to be carried out by kids of all ages. I will admit, there were a few unplanned moments and can only apologise in advance for having to dash off mid video to find a new straw!

And for anyone not familiar with the phrase kitchen roll, which looking back, I say a lot, it is simply paper towel.

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simple science experiments for kids to master

Have you tried any of these simple science experiments for kids? Please let us know how you got on in the comments box below. 

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