Things to Do with Preschoolers in Kilkenny


Finding things to do with children before they start school can be difficult, or if you are new to an area. So we have put together some suggestions of things to do with Pre-Schoolers in Kilkenny.

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Visit the playground!  There are some excellent playgrounds in Kilkenny and most of them have dedicated sections for smaller children.

Visit the library!  The junior section of the library is a great way to spend an hour or two reading and choosing books, also your pre-schooler can join the library and choose their own books to borrow.  Some libraries also host weekly story time and/or a parent and toddler group.  Check out your local library for upcoming events and news.

Go swimming!  Children under 3 swim for free at the Watershed between 9.30am and 7pm.  They also have a great kiddies pool.

Sign up for a class!  Check out our list for little people – its never too early to pick up a hobby!

Visit a play centre! Jellitots in Kilkenny has a dedicated soft play area for toddlers, and there are different activities for toddlers every weekday morning.  There is a soft play area in MacDonagh Junction also – a great reward to your preschooler for being quiet while you shop!  See our listings for other options outside Kilkenny.

Join a local Parent & Toddler group!  There are many local groups throughout Kilkenny that meet weekly.  Parent and Toddler groups are a great way of young children to mix with children their own age and for parents to meet other local parents!

If you have a free day mid week a big advantage with getting out and about with preschoolers is that you can visit places at “off peak” times when older children are at school and popular places aren’t as busy!

Go for a walk!  There are many woodland walks in Kilkenny – perfect for preschoolers to to run, collect leaves, stones, etc. and play hide and seek.

And we also have some ideas for entertaining preschoolers at home on our Things to Do Section.

If you have ideas on Things to Do with Preschoolers in Kilkenny, please let us know in the comments box below.