8 of the best bike games and apps for kids on rainy days

Louise Kerrigan

May 31, 2015

best bike games

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Are your kids bike mad? Is it raining outside and they want to continue that bike passion indoors? Then these are 8 of the best bike games and apps to entertain kids on rainy days!

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#1.  Peppa’s Bicycle

peppas bike

This is a lovely one to start the little ones off.   The game offers the familiar characters as well as Peppa to the user and you can either race against Peppa’s friends or freewheel on your own.  While driving you will need to avoid ducks, rocks, muddy puddles and even dinosaurs along the way. Tapping the screen will make Peppa’s bike jump and you can even change the speed and collect stars along the way to increase your score.

Available free for iOS and Android.

#2.  Mario BMX Champ

mario bmx

Super Mario is a familiar face to most kids and this Mario BMX Champ is a great game where your favourite super hero is riding his BMX on bumpy challenging tracks.

This game can be accessed online too and you simply use your arrow keys to ride and balance the BMX on the many obstacles in each of the levels.

Available free on-line

#3. Kids Bike Wash

bake wash

With bikes the boys are often well catered for. This one is the pretty one for the girls and a nice one to get them started using apps. Why not get your bike prepared and fixed up ready for your big day out. You get to choose the design of the bike, wash and repair it. You can even design your own style of colours and add a custom basket.

Available for iOS & Android.

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#4.  Dream Car Racing learn4good bike game

This one is for the creative players out there. Why not construct your very own cool bike and drive it to victory. Available from Learn4good this game is aimed at the older kids and teens and allows the child to be in the driver seat by giving them an opportunity to showcase their creations and talents and apply it to different performance abilities throughout the test drive.

Available free on-line

#5. Uphill Rush2

uphill rush 2

Uphill Rush 2 is a exciting game that allows the user to race a variety of tracks with your motorcycle, skateboard or car. There are 3 different difficulty levels and while racing you must perform stunts to achieve a higher score. You can even pimp your driver and vehicle into any style you want! There are 12 different stunt vehicles and 20 different racing outfits.

Available free on-line

#6. Mountain Bike

mountain bike

Perform crazy stunts in this downhill mountain bike racer! Simply use the arrows and space bar to go forward, backwards, do flips, wheelies and change direction. The levels get harder the longer you stay in the game.

Available to play free on-line and needs Adobe Flash player.

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#7. Bike Rivals

bike rivals

Hop on your bike and get ready to face the worst imaginable tracks where loops of death, deep caverns and explosive platforms are just some of the dangers that await you. This games starts out fast but you will still be able to go a lot faster at the start than when you are further in. It’s a better game for newer players who don’t want to invest hours in building their bike skills. Have a blast!

Available for iOS & Android

#8. Extreme Stunts

extreme stunts

Now this game takes it up a notch and is definitely not an easy game. As you progress through the levels the game becomes trickier so take it slowly. There is no time limit so you can build up your levels at your own pace. You can also collect energy balls as you go through the obstacle course to gain extra points.

This can be accessed free on-line  and just needs Flash Player installed.

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Phew – over to you!  Does your child have a favourite bike game they enjoy playing? Share it with us in the comments below!

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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