The Ultimate Technology Guide for Kids and their Parents

Jennifer Buttner


April 24, 2015

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With technology so much a part of all our daily lives now, kids from a very young age quickly learn to play online. We need to embrace that technology, and arm ourselves with knowledge, such that when our kids are online, they are having safe fun and maybe even a bit of education. From fun and educational apps for all ages, to online safety and screen-time awareness, here is our Ultimate Technology Guide for Kids and their Parents.

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Best Apps for Kids

As parents ourselves, of children of varing ages, we have regularly searched for apps that will amuse our kids online, and provide some educational value too. From toddlers to teens, we have our favourite app suggestions, most of which have been reviewed by families.

kids on tablets

Another app that has provided lots of fun for my son (and me!), has been Little Alchemy – worth a download if haven’t tried, and it’s free too!

And for younger kids, the Very Hungry Caterpillar is now an app, so if your kids enjoyed the story, they will love the app!

Minecraft & Other Popular Games

Sometimes games come along that seem to really appeal to kids, and before long  their waking moments are almost consumed with the game, from chatting about it and watching youtube videos of others playing it, to actually playing themselves.

As a parent, it’s worth arming yourself with some knowledge, and even playing along with them, so that you can assure yourself they are safe while playing.

minecraft for xbox

Stop Motion

Stop motion movies are the big thing in our house now, with my 9 year old creating and editing endless Lego stop motion movies, to watching lego stop motion movies online! It’s a fun way to pass the time, so if you or the kids haven’t tried them yet, we recommend giving them a go.


Educational Games Online

We often associate kids online games as apps, but there are a whole host of fun and educational games online, on websites and youtube.

girls laptop

Coding for Kids

Have your kids expressed an interest in learning to code? Coding may sound boring, and you may not understand it, but for many kids, it can be fun, challenging, engaging and could also open a door to a brighter future!

Coding for Kids Decoded

Wondering where to get started? Here’s Coding for Kids Decoded – the why, when and how to get started.

Take their education one step further and let them learn about the hardware also – here’s Why Building a Computer is Good for your Child.

Screen Time Tips

When it comes to screen-time, parents not only have to contend with television and the many dedicated 24 hour children’s channels, but a multitude of technological devices including smartphones, ipods, tablets, laptops, PCs and e-readers. So where do you draw the line, or do you even draw the line?

kids technology

Online Safety & Parenting Advice

When your kids are playing or learning online, you will want to be sure they are safe. We’ve got lots of resources on helping you protect your kids online.

How To Know If Your Child Is Read for a smartphone header

Tablets & Mobile Phones

Apps To Be Aware Of

Careers in Technology

With technology so much intertwined in our lives now, it’s inevitable that this will continue and grow into the future. Get your child involved with technology from a young age, with activities like coding classes, summer camps, and online play etc. And encourage them to consider a career in technology.

Woman online

Ireland alone is projected to face a shortage of technology professionals within a few years. And the numbers are worse when look at females in technology, with only 1 in 5 girls considering a career in technology.

In the US, where women hold more degrees than men and make up 58% of the professional workforce, their representation in technology is shockingly low at less than 25% (NCWIT).

Over to you! Let us know of any other great sites, or apps, or online tips you have found.


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