10 of the Best Easter Recipes for Kids to Guarantee Empty Plates


January 20, 2020

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Are you looking for crackin’ good Easter recipes you can cook with the kids? From hot cross buns to chickie eggs, here are 10 of the best Easter recipes for kids to guarantee empty plates and big smiles!

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Get the kids in the kitchen – not only is it a wonderful way to spend time together, but it’s a great opportunity for your kids to learn everything from measuring and weighing to organisation skills and technical terms.

These Easter recipes for kids are fun, quirky, colourful and, of course, delicious!

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Easter Recipes to Enjoy With the Kids

#1. Chick Macaroons

Easter recipes

These cute Easter chick macaroons from Sweet Explorations would make a beautiful gift or Easter dessert. If the kids are struggling to make the macaroons, you could buy pre-made lemon ones and let them decorate them

#2. Hummus with Carrots

Easter recipes

Image: Giggle Galore

This quick and easy hummus recipe is whizzed together in one bowl with a hand blender, making it a kid-friendly recipe.

Get funky with how you serve it up! Try clay pots with baby carrots sticking out the top for a fun Easter lunchtime snack. There are so many ideas from Giggle Galore that make mealtimes interesting and stimulating.

#3. Easter Biscuits

Easter recipes

This easy biscuit recipe makes a dough that can be easily rolled and cut into Easter shapes using cookie cutters – or simply let the kids make their own shapes using a blunt knife.

Decorate them how you wish before you cook them (by adding nuts, chocolate chips, etc) or after they come out of the oven using icing, sprinkles and other decorations.

#4. Boiled Egg Chicks

Easter recipes

Image: Just Jenn Recipes

This really simple lunch idea from Just Jenn Recipes transforms the humble boiled egg into chickie eggs with just sesame seeds and a carrot!

#5. 3-in-1 Easter Cupcakes

Easter recipes

Image: Creations By Kara

We love this Easter cupcakes recipe from Creations by Kara where one cupcake recipe is used to make three cute Easter cupcakes – bunny cupcakes, chick cupcakes and nest cupcakes. You can make the cupcakes using her recipe, or buy pre-made cupcakes, and then follow her instructions for decorating.

#6. Easter Chocolate Cake

Mini Egg cake

Image: Foodie Eshe

This Easter chocolate cake would make a yummy and indulgent Easter dessert idea. It is simply a chocolate cake recipe, that is transformed into an Easter cake by some clever decorating.

The top of the cake is covered with melted chocolate/double cream to create a smooth ganache icing, and then topped with Mini Eggs to make the cake deliciously seasonal.

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#7. Hot Cross Buns

Easter recipes

Image: BBC Good Food

One of the most traditional Easter recipes, hot cross buns are a great favourite of adults and kids alike. Become a star baker with this Paul Hollywood hot cross buns recipe from the BBC Good Food website. The kids will love helping with the kneading, as well as eating the final product hot from the oven!

#8. Bunny Butt Pancakes

Easter recipes

Image: This Little Pig Stayed Home

Imagine your child’s face when they see these on the breakfast table? The adorable bunny pancakes from This Little Pig Stayed Home are such a lovely idea! With a few carefully placed bananas, chocolate chips and whipped cream you could have bunny pancakes too.

#9. Cute Easter Marshmallow Chicks

Bake Sale Ideas

Image: 2 Wired 2 Tired

The kids will love making these super easy Easter marshmallow chicks from 2 Wired 2 Tired. These would also be perfect if you’re hosting an Easter party. Finger food, particularly desserts, are great for a crowd. Who could resist these?!

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#10. Building Site Chocolate Cake

Easter recipes

Isn’t this building site chocolate biscuit cake cool? The recipe comes from Catriona at Wholesome Ireland and it gives you the chance to use up any leftover Easter chocolate you may have. If you can’t use the surplus chocolate straight away, remove all the packaging and freeze the chocolate until you can make this cake. It would also make a fun birthday cake idea.

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Have your say! What are your kids’ favourite Easter recipes? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you! 

10 of the Best Easter Recipes for Kids - Mykidstime

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