Homemade Chicken Goujons

family meal planner chicken nuggets

My kids¬†sometimes ask me for foods such as chicken nuggets that I just am not comfortable buying ready made in the supermarket. In order to side-step this problem, we came up with a way of making our own Homemade Chicken Goujons which is really quick and so easy they can practically do it themselves. And it also means that I am happy because I know exactly what they are eating ūüôā These are super easy party food too!

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  • I generally allow about¬†half a chicken fillet per child, full fillet for¬†each adult – we use free range chicken¬†fillets.
  • A plate of plain flour (approx 150g – use more if needed) seasoned a little with salt and pepper
  • A bowl containing lightly beaten egg, I find one egg will coat 2 fillets cut up into pieces
  • A plate of breadcrumbs (approx 150g – again, use more if you need to)


  • Cut the chicken fillets into pieces/strips
  • Roll each piece in the flour, dust off any excess
  • Dip the floured piece into the beaten egg
  • Finally, coat the chicken piece in breadcrumbs and set aside until ready to cook
  • Repeat until all the chicken pieces have been floured, egged and breadcrumbed!!!
  • To cook, we deep-fried them at 170oC for about 10 mins but next time I will oven cook them and let you know how we get on:-)

If you try this and like the recipe, you could prepare a large batch of goujons and freeze them and then use as required.


Why not try the same approach with fresh fish pieces?

Recipe provided by Noelle, mum of 3

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Have you made homemade chicken goujons?  How did you get on? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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