10 Practical Gift Ideas For Teachers This Christmas


December 13, 2018

gift ideas for teachers

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Are you stuck for what to give your child’s teacher or scout/guide leader or crèche teacher as a thank you present? (No, not another candle or mug!) We asked Mykidstime parents for their best recommendations – here are 10 Practical Gift Ideas for Teachers This Christmas.

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Buying or making a nice gift for your child’s teacher is a nice gesture, after all they spend a lot of time with your child, and are hopefully supporting them in their learning!

Here are some suggestions for some teacher gift ideas that are easy to organise.

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Great Gift Ideas for Teachers

Home Baking

Give a really sweet last day’s coffee break by helping your child bake some scrumptious cupcakes or cookies. You might like these homemade food gifts, or how about some festive Christmas cookies or seasonal Christmas cupcakes?

For that extra special touch, how about adding the teacher’s name and a thank you? It won’t cost much but it will go down a treat!

#2. Homemade Gifts

teaching your child how to be grateful

Most teachers are delighted to receive a homemade card or drawing or something your child has made themselves. Encourage your child to take their time to make it as special as they can and to write a thank you message to their teacher.

“I’m going to get my kids to make their creche teachers a card each. I will be making some homemade chocolate truffles & will pop a few in a little box for them as a gesture.”

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#3. Personalised Sweets & Treats

How about a selection of sweets or treats but with a personal message written on them?  Like our cupcake suggestion above, why not set aside some time one afternoon after school to make some special treats and ice or decorate them with the teacher’s initials?

If you haven’t got the spare time, you can buy personalised treats online.

#4. Offer Your Time

Why not offer to come in and share your expertise or talent with the class for the next school term? Teachers are always appreciative when parents can use their skills to help educate their pupils. You don’t have to be an artist or a computer whizz. Offer to come in and sit with kids during their reading hour or help with maths or start a chess club.

(NB: In Ireland, you do need to be Garda vetted so making this offer now will allow some time to arrange that and for the teacher to think through the schedule for the new term).

#5. A Plant

poinsettia-277662_640Unlike a bunch of flowers which will only last a few days at the most, a lavender plant or a flowering poinsettia are nice gifts that the teacher can continue to enjoy after school is out and maybe even plant out in their garden.

Or tuck some seeds and gardening gloves in a little trug for them for preparation for springtime.

#6. Something Book-ish

book gift

A well chosen selection of books for the class library will be much appreciated for next term. You don’t have to spend very much: a bundle of second-hand books tied up with a big bow is a thoughtful gift.

Or what about a book token for your child’s teacher to enjoy some non-classroom reading over the Christmas holidays?

#7. A Fruit Basket

Win a seasonal fruit basket

Arrange for your local fruit and veg shop to make up a basket with a selection of fruit. Ask your child to draw a little card with some fruit on it and put a Happy Munching message on it.

“They make them up to the price you can afford and it’s also a healthy option!”

#8. iGloves


An incredibly useful accessory, these gloves will allow teacher to use their smartphone outside.

These Snow Print Keep Warm Iphone Touch Screen Gloves are available on Amazon.co.uk.

“Really cool and practical.”

#9. Club Together For a Gift

moneyIt’s tricky to be able to find reasonable presents at a reasonable cost. So why not club together with a few other parents and you’ll have enough to buy a larger gift together.

#10. Charity Gifts

At Christmas time, charity gifts can be popular, for example Oxfam / Trocaire / Unicef / World Vision Ireland gifts.

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Have your say! What other gift ideas for teachers would you add to the list? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

10 Practical Gift Ideas For Teachers This Christmas - Mykidstime

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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