11 Things you Should NEVER Say to a Pregnant Woman


Pregnancy is a new chapter in life, a new adventure, but what is it about being pregnant, that people think it’s okay to ask inappropriate, rude or awkward questions(never mind touching the bump)? Don’t you know we can be very hormonal and hungry when we’re expecting! Here are 11 things you should NEVER say to a pregnant woman.

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1. Was it Planned?

Since when is it okay to interrogate someone about conception? This is not okay. Sure why don’t you just ask, ‘Do you have sex regularly?’ Or ‘Were you using contraception?’!

2. Are you Sure you are not Having Twins?

Most moms-to-be wait until after their first scan before sharing their exciting news, so as a matter a fact we have proof there is only one baby inside. Why don’t you just tell me I look FAT! I’m pretty sure there is only one little person in there. I am NOT having twins!

baby-19003_6403. I Think you’re having a Boy/Girl…

Let’s get one thing straight you cannot guess by a person’s figure, skin, eating habits, pee or poo what gender their baby is going to be. FACT!

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4. Are you Planning Anymore?

Would you ever let me push this baby out first! But if I’m honest I’m pretty sure the other half has booked in for a vasectomy.

5. I Thought you were Finished?

If I was finished having babies would I pregnant right now? No.

6. Can I Touch your Belly?

How about can I poke you in the face? Unless you are the one who put the baby in here or the one who’ll be taking it out, you cannot touch my belly.

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&. Wow! Weren’t you Hungry!

A pregnant woman is always hungry. We are eating for two you know.

9. You look Tired!

Oh great thanks for reminding how exhausted I am. The only comments you should make about a pregnant woman’s appearance is about how radiant, glowing and fantastic she looks.

10. You’re very Hormonal!

Really? Are you serious? Are you looking for a death wish?

11. Anything Yet?

We’re not going to withhold any information of our impending arrival. We will in fact send you fifty million pictures of our new bundle of joy when he/she actually arrives. Stop asking us every ten minutes.

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Over to you! Have you anymore questions to add to list? Let us know in comments below.

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