15 Incredibly Useful Parenting Hacks for the Car


Kids in the car. “I’m bored”. Crumbs. Mess. Keeping them amused. Here are 15 Incredibly Useful Parenting Hacks for the Car:

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#1. Muffin Cases for Cup Holders

Use silicone muffin cases for your cup holders for kids crumbs and wrappers. It saves having to clean them out.


cupcake holders car hacks

#2. Tissue Boxes Tip

Use a 2nd empty tissue box as an instant tissue trash can

car hacks


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#3. Use Tubs for Activities

car hacks


#4. Shoe Caddy Organizer

A shoe caddy in the car keeps items organized.

car hacks


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#5. Print off some games and colouring sheets

Print off a variety of games such as our Car Journey Puzzles Sheet or colouring pages and pop into a folder for the journey.


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