16 Reasons Parents Love School Holidays

Jennifer Buttner


December 17, 2013

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Do you get fed up of school routines, and the endless drudgery of school drops, pick-ups, lunchboxes….? Here are 16 reasons parents love school holidays.

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#1. No lunchboxes to make up.

#2. Can stay in pyjamas all morning!

HelpYour child stop bedwetting

#3. No frantic searches for uniform or school items first thing in the morning.

#4. Don’t have to wash or iron school uniforms.

#5. No homework – yippee!

#6. No rushing out the door first thing.

#7. No arguments with the kids about getting ready in the morning.

#8. Lack of routine.

#9. There’s more time together, and more hugs, cuddles and snuggles.

mother kissing children

#10. Your children are happy to be at home, and in good form.

#11. Everyone gets over the tiredness from end of term.

#12. You get to sleep in (if you’re lucky!)

#13. You are not watching the clock all day.

#14. There’s more time to do fun things & outings with the kids, without being confined to weekends or after school.

#15. Less chance of kids catching bugs as they are not confined to classrooms, and outside more in fresh air.

#16. All after school activities cease, and you no longer feel like your child’s personal chauffeur!

What’s your favourite thing about the school holidays? Tell us in the comments below

16 Reasons Parents Love School Holidays

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