21 Things Your Mom Never Told You

Jill Holtz

January 27, 2018

Things your mom never told you (1)

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Motherhood is one of the most rewarding, yet most frustrating, jobs too! And it may surprise your child to know there were things you never told them as they grew up with you. So here are 21 Things Your Mom Never Told You – and we bet you haven’t told your kids either!

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Things Your Mom Never Told You

#1. It hurt when she gave birth to you

Oh yes. It hurt. It hurt a lot. In my case I had to take drugs to get through the two labours and births I had. But of course, the funny thing is, as time went on, the memory of the pain diminished so much so that you went through it again if you had another child!

#2. She was afraid a lot of the time

Never mind afraid, petrified! How will I look after this little mite? What if I make a mistake? What if someone or something hurts them? What if.. what if.. what if…

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#3. She watched you while you slept

Kids are so peaceful when they sleep and it’s the reflective time when you can watch their dreaming faces and wonder at this thing you have produced.

#4. It broke her heart every time you cried

Oh my god. You don’t realise when you become a parent how much it hurts when your child hurts.

#5. She put you first

Whether it was giving you the last slice of cake or buying you something you wanted even though she needed something for herself or staying up in the wee hours while you were unwell.

#6. She knew she wasn’t perfect

You thought she was perfect when you were small. When you grew older you told her with glee that she wasn’t perfect but she never told you that she knew she wasn’t perfect because well mothers are supposed to be perfect.

#7. She cried when she dropped you off at the preschool/school/high school/college

It’s hard to let your child go. It’s the ultimate thing that parents have to do, yet letting go is SO hard.

#8. She forgave you when you yelled “I Hate You”

She still loved you even though it hurt a bit.

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#9. She always saw the 4-year-old you were when she looked at you

Even when you’re in your fifties, your mother will still see the 4 year old you.

Things your mom never told you

#10. She didn’t know what she was going to do when she got to 3 after threatening to count to 3

The age old threat “when I count to 3”. But what you didn’t realise was she had no clue what she was going to do if she reached 3!

#11. She carried you for longer than 9 months

She kept on carrying you until you got too heavy.

#12. She wanted that last piece of cake

The one she gave you.

#13. She ate hidden chocolate when you weren’t around

Well mothers have to have some treats in life…

#14. She loved to just look at you

Even when you got to teenhood and said Mom stop staring at me.

#15. She was very, very, very tired

Some would even say exhausted. Being a mom is tiring!

#16. She didn’t like the questions stage

When it was non stop from when you woke up to when you went to sleep… or when you asked those tricky things that no mother knows really how to answer…

#17. She always forgave you and loved you no matter what

It’s sort of an unconditional thing. Even when you are mad at your child, you still love them to pieces.

#18. She found it difficult to be mad at you sometimes

Hiding smiles away when all she wanted to do was laugh but she had to stay serious and show that she could discipline fairly.

#19. She always wanted to make you smile, but sometimes had to say no

Oh the having to say no thing. It’s a tough-y.

#20. She wouldn’t have changed anything

Even if she complained sometimes she would not have changed one iota.

#21. She would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Why do you think so many mothers love being grandmothers?

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