20 Things To Tell Your Daughter

things to tell your daughter

Mothers and daughters have a special bond but the world can be a scary place for your little girl when she is growing up. We’ve put together our own list of 20 Things Your Daughter Should Know. Now if only she’d listen!

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#1. Love your family.

You don’t have to like all of them all of the time but from birth to death, they will always be there for you.

#2. Smile more.

A smile can change your day; it can make you feel good on the inside and light up the life of others who see it. Sometimes it’s hard work to smile, but the return for your effort is well worth it!

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#3. Everyone is different.

And that’s OK. When you accept that, then you will learn to be happy with who you are.

#4. Let your voice be heard.

Never be afraid to say what you think or feel. Sometimes it’s worth waiting a while for the right moment to speak but what you have to say is well worth hearing for anyone who will listen.

#5. Never stop reading.

Books will be your window to the world, your solace when you’re low and make a great talking point when you’re stuck for something to say!

things to tell your daughter

#6. Don’t drink; except in moderation.

Don’t smoke; it will make you smell bad, look old and will end up killing you. Don’t do drugs; they will completely ruin your life no matter how clever you think you are, and they’re illegal.

#7. “This situation is only temporary” should be your mantra in life.

When things are going wrong, know that it won’t last for ever and a brighter day is just around the corner. Equally, when things are good, savour every minute and enjoy it as much as you can; memories of good days are what make tough times easier.

#8. Take the lead, and lead people in the right direction.

It can seem easier to follow others, to do what others do, but who you are will be lost in the crowd.

#9. Be yourself.

Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are, and ditch those who make you feel bad about yourself. You shouldn’t have to change who you are for anyone and if you meet a person who makes you feel that way, they are not your friend.

Mother Daughter

#10. Some girls are mean.

Sure, boys can be horrible sometimes, but there are girls that can take nasty to a whole new level. Remember that mean girls are lashing out because of something that is wrong in their own lives, not because of something you’ve done.

#11. Life is hairy.

Head hair, body hair – you’ll spend your life trying to grow it or get rid of it and it will probably drive you crazy!

#12. Be someone who can be trusted

If you are someone who can be trusted to not gossip or judge or make fun of other people, people will flock to you for friendship.


#13. Beauty is only skin deep.

You’ll hear that a lot in life because everyone knows that what people see on the outside is only a tiny part of who a person is. You can’t see intellect for example, and being smart will get you a lot further in life than being pretty.

#14. Things are just things.

Clothes, phones, trinkets, possessions – they are all replaceable but people aren’t, so pay more attention to your friendships more than your things.

#15. You have power.

You are beautiful and clever and witty. Other girls will envy you and boys will adore you but don’t ever use your power to be unkind or thoughtless.

#16. Love food.

It will keep you nourished and healthy, and the conversations had while eating can be the most fun of all.

#17. Love exercise.

It’s happiness guaranteed!

Free Things to Do with Kids Family Exercise

#18. Be the friend you wish you had.

If you have the right qualities, you’ll attract friends who have them too.

#19. Trust your instincts.

If you’re feeling scared or worried, there is usually a good reason for it. Get yourself out of that situation as fast as you can.

#20. I will always love you, ‘no matter what’.

Have you any other additions to this list – feel free to add more in the comments section below.

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Article written by Mary Kate Heaslip, mum of 2, inspired by a list on ivillage

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