Mykidstime 21 Day Health & Fitness Challenge – Day 20

Fiona O'Donnell

Fiona O'Donnell

April 29, 2022

MyKidsTime Health and Fitness Challenge Day 20

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It’s Day 20 of the Mykidstime 21 Day Health & Fitness Challenge! If you missed yesterday’s video, catch up with Day 19 here.

Our health and wellbeing expert, Fiona O’Donnell, explains what’s involved for Day 20 in the video below. We want you to tell us during the challenge how you are getting on so tag us on social using #mkt21days and we’ll give you some encouragement! 

Mykidstime 21 Day Health & Fitness Challenge: Day 20 – Support

Our environment and the people in it have a profound impact on our behaviours. Let me put it this way, if all of your best friends love a gin and tonic on a Wednesday night, well it’s not going to be long before you like going for a gin and tonic on a Wednesday night with them. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want to be getting up and going to the gym or going for a walk or doing some food prep, it can be difficult to go against the grain.

So here is your challenge for today, I want you to go through your friends, your partner, your kids, your colleagues – whoever is in your immediate circle that you see every day – and look at what their behaviours are.

How do you see those individuals? Do you see them as the active people that you would like to be, do you see them as healthy eaters, do you see them as really fit people? Are these the values that you align with?

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The reason we’re doing this and calling it a challenge is because I can probably guarantee that an awful lot of you have never done this exercise. I know with my friend circle that the girls would go for a glass of wine as easily as they would go for a cycle!

I’m not suggesting you go and dump half your friends because they want to do one thing and you want to do another, but I’m going to ask you to pick out three people whose daily behaviours you are aligned with and over the next week reach out to them.

If one of your friends is a fantastic cook and you’d really love to know more about cooking, ask that friend if they’d like to get together and cook dinner. If you have a friend who loves walking, ask her if you can come with her.

It is by making small changes to our environment and the people in our environment that we can start to change ourselves, so if being a little bit fitter or focusing on your health and wellness is at the top of your priority list, then today’s challenge is important.

If you have any questions throughout the Challenge, email Fiona or send her a message on InstagramFacebook and use hashtag #mkt21days to let us know how you are getting on with the Challenge!

Mykidstime 21 Day Health and Fitness Challenge

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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About the Author: Fiona O'Donnell

Fiona O'Donnell
Fiona O’Donnell is a fitness, health and wellness advocate. She has a background in diagnostic cardiology and qualified as a Clinical Physiologist. She left that role to move into the prevention aspect of health and wellness. She holds a Masters in Exercise and Nutrition Science. Since then, she has been working with 1:1 clients, teams, corporates and colleges developing wellness programmes, offering insight into poor lifestyle choices, and steering clients in the direction of a healthier version of themselves. Her ethos is ‘health first’ and while she is happy to help individuals who have short-term goals, her real aim is lifelong health and wellness. When not working with clients, she spends time riding her horse, training for the sport of triathlon (occasionally competing), doing yoga, travelling, spending time at the beach with her kids, and cooking (not in that order).

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