Fitness Challenge Day 2


We hope yesterday’s challenge went well – here’s your Day 2 challenge of our 21 Day Fitness Challenge! And don’t forget to tell us how you got on!

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Welcome to day 2 guys! How are we feeling after our first day? Not too sore we hope! Ok so today’s workout will be a cardio based workout to give those muscles a break. The same time format and rounds as day 1. Each of this week’s workouts will be the very same length of time. 15 minutes of pure heaven! These are today’s exercises:

Jumping Jacks

Stand with feet together, knees slightly bent, and arms to sides. Jump while raising arms and separating legs to sides. Land on forefoot with legs apart and arms overhead. Jump again, lower arms and returning legs to midline. Land on forefoot with arms and legs in original position and repeat.

High Knees

Stand with your feet pointed straight ahead and placed shoulder-width apart. Contract your core, jump up and bring your knee to hip height. Land softly and repeat with opposite knee. Allow arms to swing freely.

Ski Runs

Create a wide stance between feet, one foot forward with slight bend in knee and arm extended to shoulder height. Jump up and bring opposite leg and arm forward, landing into position. Repeat.

Mountain Climbers

Place hands on floor, slightly wider than shoulder width. On forefeet, position one leg forward bent under body and extend other leg back. While holding upper body in place, alternate leg positions, landing on both forefeet simultaneously.

Power Knees

Create a wide stance between feet, one foot forward with slight bend in knee. Extend arms out in front at waist height. Squeeze your core and bring knee up to meet hands. Return to start position and continue with the same leg for 15 seconds before swapping legs.


We’d love to know how you found Day 2 of our challenge, so please let us know in the comments below and if you have any questions for Dan you can Snapchat Dan @Dansweeneypt or tweet him @Dansweeneyhf or email him.


    Oh thats a good one…can still feel it…:)

  • amanda savage

    Its tough starting out but it will get easier can’t wait for tomorrows exercise

  • Caroline Kerrigan

    Haven’t done this in a few months urghhhh

  • Jenny Garrett

    I suffer with back problems so planking is out for me, did another 40 mins walk this morning. Was cold but beautiful 🙂

  • Will give the plank a go later, it’s my least favourite exercise!


    These are tough but amazing how quickly you get better at it.

  • Did this mornings one 4 times, I will be checking back tomorrow

  • Denise


  • Valerie

    I did this one this morning – super exercise for the tummy – I could feel it!!

  • Caroline Groarke

    Tough on but Getting there !!

  • emily o’regan

    this is the hardest exercise but it has the most amazing results

  • Pauline McManus

    This is a tough one but very good! 🙂

  • Josephine

    I can still feel the effects of this one from this morning.:-)

  • Fiona Duggan

    Done. … it’s a tough one. .. but can see how good it will be…

  • Done yesterdays and today’s today,had my 11 yr old daughter do the walk with me and both she and my 4 yr old daughter did the plank with me, no problem to them laughing and giggling while I suffered a little, love planks I suffer with my lower back and find it great for that, Looking forward to tomorrow, thanks guys 😀

  • Majella

    No 4 ouch. Looking forward to walk tomorrow.