How to Keep Children Busy and Amused During Vacation Time


August 27, 2019

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Are you looking for ways to entertain children during vacation time? Holidays offer an excellent opportunity to bond with your children. But at the same time, they sometimes become a stressful time when children misbehave out of boredom. But with enough resources on hand and a plan of action, you’ll be making sure that the kids stay busy and amused during vacation time.

By putting some work into the advance planning of your holiday and preparing some activities, you’ll be keeping your kids out of mischief and ensure that they have a fantastic time. Here are some tips to help you prepare for holiday time with your children.

Create Your Own Games

things to do with kids on a rainy day colouring entertain children during vacation time

If your child is creative, encourage them to make their own games, either ones they know already or invent their very own!

How about making your own colouring sheets or books? If you are not particularly creative, check out these outlined fonts, a great way to get started, simply download and get colouring.

With some simple supplies like glue, scissors and crayons or colouring pencils, they can create fun games like; pin the tail on the donkey or snakes and ladders, a word or number search.

Being creative in this way will keep your children occupied for some time – they will not only have to prepare the materials for the game but later will they will busy with the game itself.

Make Your Own Garden Assault Course

Obstacle course ideas - Mykidstime entertain children during vacation time

One of the best activities to get kids outdoors and active is an assault course. Assembling an assault course in your garden is very easy.

You can use pieces of wood, buckets, garden chairs, and boxes – basically anything your kids can jump over, crawl under, or walk around.

They can also challenge each other to complete the course on a scooter, skateboard, bicycle, or simply by running. Make use of what you have around the house to create a fantastic outdoor adventure for your children.

Build a Tent!

children building an outdoor fort or den eco friendly activities to amuse the kids entertain children during vacation time

Looking for an exciting way to engage your kids in a collaborative activity during the summer? Build a tent or a den! This activity can be both for indoors or outdoors.

Depending on the weather you can use blankets and sheets or sticks, branches and waterproof sheets, whatever you have to hand.

Once your tent is up, prepare a picnic your kids can take with them. You’re not going to see them for the next few hours!

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Organise a Treasure Hunt

treasure hunt for kids entertain children during vacation time

This one requires a little preparation, but if everything goes well, you’ll have your kids screaming with joy for at least several hours.

Create a treasure map with clues to help your kids find the treasure hidden somewhere in the garden. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive – even the smallest treat will become really exciting when your children can get their hands on it by following a series of clues.

You can make the journey even sweeter by some candy or lollipops along the way. And if the weather is not great, you can always move the treasure hunt indoors.

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Get The Kids Cooking or Baking

Kids cooking and baking entertain children during vacation time

This one will be a huge success as children love to get messy in the kitchen! Plan a cooking or baking day and involve your children in the process right from the beginning.

Let them choose a selection of recipes that you have the ingredients for or that they can go shopping for. Be sure to let them read the recipe book and decide what they’re going to prepare themselves. Check out these healthy snack ideas for inspiration.

They may need a little help with the instructions. But the idea is to get kids the kids involved in every step of the way, including the cleaning up afterwards! Sure, the process will be much longer than if you did it on your own, but you can be sure that your children will have a lot of fun along the way.

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Cultivate a Garden Patch

herb garden grow your own pizza garden entertain children during vacation time

Going green and showing your children how nature works can be an exciting and educational activity during vacation time. Start with a small patch for each child as they will have to cultivate and maintain it.

Depending on their age, and the time of year, you can help them plant flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables. Choose some plants that will grow quickly and give them a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

You can be sure that your children will be happy and relaxed while getting dirty in the soil and creating their own garden patch to be proud of. The patch may also attract wildlife to your garden for them to enjoy too.

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Have Swimming & Splashing Fun

splashing and swimming children entertain children during vacation time

When deciding on where to take your vacation,  check out if there are places for swimming and splashing fun. Consider the volume of energy kids use while playing in the water!

If you don’t have access to the sea or a lake, you could go to the local swimming pool or waterpark. An afternoon of swimming and splashing fun will have them tired and relaxed throughout the entire evening.

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Use these tips, and you’ll be on your way to creating fantastic holiday experiences for your kids, engaging them fully in new activities and sports and keeping them busy and amused while on vacation.

Over to you now. Have you any other tips to add to our list? Please put them in the comments box below. 

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