Watch How to Get Bunchems Out of Hair

Jill Holtz

December 8, 2015

how to get bunchems out of hair

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Familiar with Bunchems? They are the latest toy craze, however some problems are occurring when Bunchems get stuck in kids hair, causing parents to spend hours trying to detangle. This video “How to Get Bunchems out of Hair” might help!

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What are Bunchems?

bunchemsBunchems are about the size of marbles and are sticky, squishy balls, each with tiny hooks. They are designed to stick together and to allow kids to be creative and build things.

There’s only one problem, they get stuck easily in hair which can be a disaster as the hair may need to be cut to remove them! Here’s a video from Bunchems to help:

How to Get Bunchems out of Hair

  • Use hair conditioner or vegetable oil.
  • Apply to hair around where Bunchems are stuck.
  • Comb the hair below until all knots are out.
  • Once all knots are out of the hair below the stuck Bunchems, pull the Bunchems down until they slide off the end of your hair.

Another suggestion is to use nail clippers to cut the hooks off the Bunchems that are stuck in the hair.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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