Essential Tips From Parents on Getting Rid of Hair Lice

Jill Holtz

February 23, 2013

Tips for getting rid of hair lice - Mykidstime

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Has the dreaded happened? The head lice have come home from nursery or school and you’re wondering how to treat them. Here are tips from Mykidstime parents on getting rid of hair lice – they really work!

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Getting rid of hair lice is a meticulous process, making sure that you get rid of both the lice and the nits. The life cycle of hair lice is short, meaning that every few days new lice appear until you have gotten rid of them all. If you have an outbreak at home, comb and treat daily until there are no lice remaining.

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Best Ways of Getting Rid of Hair Lice

#1. Long Hair Should Always Be Up

“I never understand when the notes come home and some of the kids go into school with their hair down. I have three girls and had years of the eldest one catching them off the girl sitting beside her who never got her hair treated.” – Sharon

“Hair up always helps” – Margaret

#2. Check Every Week

“My best advice is check every week regardless and comb, comb and then comb some more. A bit of hairspray seems to help too.” – Anna

#3. Use Tea Tree Shampoo

“I always use tea tree shampoo and conditioner.” – Martina

“Tea tree shampoo is the way to go!” – Karin

“Tea tree conditioner is very good” – Mary Teresa

#4. Spray Some Tea Tree Oil

“Add a few drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle. A quick squirt every morning before school has always kept blighters away for me!” – Sally Ann

“I put a couple of drops of tea tree oil on the hair brush and tie up their hair.” – Mandie

“Tea tree oil rubbed at back of ears and neck is a good deterrent. Also was told lately that mayonnaise rubbed onto hair is the preferred treatment now.” – Siobhan

“After having lice in my home for the first time ever last year, I honestly wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy! I kept my kids out of school until I was 100% sure they were clear, but when they went back I was tempted to put shower caps on them such was the stress I had been through (and them) – even our babysitter and grandparents got them! Tea tree oil is a wonder product to have in your house and a couple of drops behind the ear works great. Also tie the hair up (if long enough, wrap into a bun). I also use tea tree shampoo.” – Lynda

“The head lice slip off the tea tree. I think it’s the best solution, coming from a parent and a Montessori teacher that has had to treat her own hair too! Use a fine tooth comb after treating onto white paper and you will see them fall off.” – Hilda

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#5. Use Aloe Vera

“Use shampoo with aloe vera and jojoba – head lice hate the smell (you don’t smell it but the lice do!). If the lice do get in to the hair, smother the scalp with aloe vera gel and suffocate the lice. We’ve been using this shampoo for over two years and none of the kids (we have 3) have been affected by head lice, even though there have been a few outbreaks in school and summer camps. I wouldn’t be without the aloe!” – Marian

#6. Try Vinegar & Olive Oil

“We use a vinegar and olive oil package. Sit with 20 min of vinegar and 20 min olive oil on top. Wash out 3-4 times with shampoo and then comb out all the dead eggs and lice.” – Margit

“Use vinegar as it dissolves the gummy stuff that holds the eggs on the hair shaft.” – Ann

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#7. Comb Regularly

combing hair head lice

“I believe people need to go back to the old days of checking kids hair every week, regardless of what potions they use. Also remember if one child has them everyone in the house, including Mammy & Daddy, need to be checked – Bridgette

“My mum always told us keep your hair tied up in school and I’ve done it with my girls and so far they haven’t gotten them. But if you do, the combs are fab you can big ones in Boots that are brill.” – Caron

“I recommend the Nitty Gritty comb available in Boots, it’s got ridges on the comb that help catch the eggs” – Jill

#8. Other Recommended Products

“I am very, very lucky. My now 13 year old has never gotten them, and for years I’ve used a leave-in cream product I got in my local pharmacy. It’s called ‘Nice ‘n Clear’ by a Welsh company called Natural Science and the active ingredient is something called Neem Oil.” – Jenny

“Ogam have a tea tree conditioner that you put in after washing the hair and leave in. It is great for the scalp and preventing lice, I have used it for 13 years and never had an infestation. Best money I’ve spent, and the bottle lasts for nearly the year.” – Margaret

And finally…

“Shave their heads!” – Emma (not really!)

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Have you got a tip for getting rid of hair lice? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Essential Tips from Parents on Getting Rid of Hair Lice - Mykidstime

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