Handy Hairstyles to Prevent Lice and Nits Taking Hold

Hairstyles to prevent lice and nits - Mykidstime

In the Hair Helper household we like to approach things with a “prevention is better than cure” attitude and are happy to bring you our handy hairstyles to prevent lice and nits taking hold that have worked for us to keep them at bay.

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It is inevitable that for children of school-going age, lice and nits will often do the rounds. The conditions are ideal for the critters, loads of heads bent close together giving them ideal housing options!

The internet is full of tips on preventing lice and nits and treatments if your child is affected by them, and one of the best preventative options is to keep hair tied back.

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Our Favourite Hairstyles to Prevent Lice and Nits

The rule in our home is that Little Miss Hair Helper will always have her hair tied up in some shape or form. The less stray hair hanging around, the more difficult it is for those lice and nits to make their home in her hair.

The best hairstyles to prevent lice and nits are the ones that hold the hair tightest. You basically want to leave nothing to chance. Not always easy, as by the end of the school day, her hair does not look anything like it did when she was left at the classroom door.

Here are some suggestions of hairstyles to prevent lice and nits that are quick and easy to do during the morning rush for school and work.

Ballet Bun

Hairstyles to Prevent Lice and Nits Ballet Bun

The traditional ballet bun could not be any easier these days with the new hair doughnuts on sale in high street stores and pharmacies.

  • Simply tie the hair back into a single pony tail
  • Pop the doughnut over so that it lies against the head.
  • Flare the hair out over the doughnut
  • Then wrap the remaining hair around the base
  • Use bobby pins to hold it all in place, and you’re done.
  • For extra hold, spray a little hairspray and smooth down the hair moving your hand from the front of the head to the bun.

Tip: Hairspray will also coat the hair making it more difficult for lice or nits to hold onto hair.

French Braid

Hairstyles to prevent lice and nits french braid

Now, if like us, you aren’t the most proficient at doing a French braid, don’t be put off by the amount of time they can take to do.The great thing with many braids, is that you can always do them the night before.

It is even easier if the hair is wet or slightly damp, and will give you a much tighter finish. You’ll also have the added bonus of not having to do hair in the morning before school.

Tip: Build your confidence and speed by starting out with regular braids.

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Double Dutch

Hairstyles to prevent lice and nits double dutch

A Dutch braid, is much like the French braid, where you add in strands of hair as you go along.

Instead of crossing the hair over as you would with a French braid, you come from underneath.

This gives the impression that the braid is lying on top of the hair rather than in the hair.

 Tip: If you have older children get them to help braid younger kids hair in the mornings.

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Do you have any helpful hairstyles to prevent lice and nits? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Handy Hairstyles to Prevent Lice and Nits - Mykidstime

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