How a Trike Helped to Bring the Joy of Mobility into One Girl’s Life  

Robyn Hamilton

May 13, 2021

Brooke Variety Ireland

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Meet the brilliant Brooke, a thirteen-year-old girl from Dublin with a rare genetic disorder known as Rett Syndrome.  

Rett syndrome (RTT) is a neurological disorder that occurs almost exclusively in girls, becoming apparent from 6-18 months of age. Its symptoms include language impairments and difficulty with coordination and repetitive movements. Often those affected can experience slower growth and difficulty walking. RTT can also cause seizures, scoliosis, and sleeping problems. 

How Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland Helps to Bring Joy

Brooke’s condition means that she is unfortunately unable to walk or talk, but this hasn’t stopped her from enjoying the simple things in life. For example, she loves getting out in the great outdoors.  

With the help of her mother, Brooke spends as much time as possible outside on her specially adapted trike, which was provided to her by Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland. This souped-up trike allows Brooke to enjoy the freedom of trips to her local park, as well as other outdoor activities that her mother Julie previously thought would never be possible.  

Brooke’s trike not only offers her an outlet for fun and leisure enabling her to interact with other family members outdoors, but also forms a crucial part of her physio, giving her limbs and body a way to get the exercise they need.  

Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland see Brooke and many other children like her with mobility difficulties as real heroes. They, along with their wonderful parents or guardians, challenge their disabilities, transforming them into the abilities to do things in life that most of us take for granted.  

“When I approached Variety Ireland looking for help to get a trike for my daughter, they were so understanding and were able to provide Brooke with a trike that opened up so many different opportunities for us to do things together as a family,” says Julie, Brooke’s mother. “I quickly noticed a huge change in Brooke, who is now raring to get outside at every opportunity on her trike.”

“Variety don’t receive any government funding or help for the equipment they supply to children, and they are totally reliant on help from the public. As a mother, they have changed not just Brooke’s life but also my own for the better. Her smile tells the story of what her trike means to us both. Thank you, Variety, not only for assisting us, but all the other families around Ireland you continue to help. You’re truly wonderful.”  

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About Variety – the Children’s Charity’s Mobility Programme

Variety childrens charity

Although these trikes have proven to be both physically and mentally beneficial to many children, they are currently regarded as ‘luxury’ items, so are therefore not provided by any government funding schemes. Each trike is specially adapted to each individual child’s needs, meaning that families must privately fund this vital equipment, which can be quite costly. 

This is where Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland can help. Variety Ireland’s Mobility Programme provides this vital life-changing equipment for physical development, independence and social inclusion.  

Items such as these specialised trikes, can give children with varying levels of mobility the freedom to move independently. They help to develop a child’s balance, strength, and muscle tone, whilst also providing exercise.  

This specialised equipment gives children of all abilities the chance to join in with their friends and family in many outdoor activities, something that was previously unimaginable!  

How You Can Help Children Like Brooke  

You can help us to help other wonderful people like Brooke and her mum Julie, by donating to Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland, or by doing your own fundraiser. 100% of any money raised will go to supplying a mobility item, like a specialised trike, to a child who needs it.  

You can help these children to enjoy great outdoor activities with their family and friends. It’s not that they are entitled to it – it’s what they deserve! 

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