Super Quick Elf on the Shelf Ideas – 5 Minutes or Less!

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

December 1, 2022

Super Quick Elf on the Shelf Ideas lead

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Have you got a few days in to this annual tradition and already run out of ideas? Perhaps you forgot and need an instant plan? These hilarious and super quick Elf on the Shelf ideas are ideal!

Let’s face it, not all of us are Pinterest Parents who have the whole month of December planned out with elaborate Elf antics…I’m definitely more of a ‘start strong, lose the will quickly’ kind of parent – and I know I’m not the only one! I can honestly say, that some of these quick ideas have been the most popular or funny, so they are absolute winners for me!

Quick Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Snow Angel

snow angel for quick Elf on the shelf ideas

Confetti or sprinkles are the perfect choice for your Elf to make snow angels, like this idea from Elf on the Shelf Headquarters – just scatter them in a baking tin or dish and let your Elf get to work.

Looking for a white snow effect? Try mini marshmallows rather than flour, icing sugar or similar unless you’re prepared to then get all the white powder off your Elf’s clothes…!

Elf Messages

Quick elf on the shelf ideas

Spell out a message on the kitchen counter using breakfast cereal, candy or festive M&Ms like this idea from Simple As That.

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Warm and Toasty

Ian Poulter shared this brilliant photo on Twitter, showing the elves are nice and “toasty”!

Weightlifting Elf

weightlifting elf on the shelf ideas

Elf likes to keep himself fit and strong! Dirty Diaper Laundry got Elf doing some weights, using a straw and marshmallows.

Caught Choc-Handed

These two are busted with the evidence all over their faces! Pinned and Repinned shows her Elf on the Shelf duo getting caught in the Nutella and making a mess (little ones will love this one)!

Elf Solitaire

quick elf on the shelf ideas

Set your Elf up with a pack of cards for a fun game of solitaire, like this idea from Lil Blue Boo.

Elf on Stilts

Bump your Elf up to a new height with some very festive stilts, like this idea from The Keeper of the Cheerios! Who knew festive rolls of wrapping paper could be so entertaining!


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Bathroom Antics

toothpaste on the mirror for quick elf on the shelf ideas

Leaving a message on the bathroom mirror is a super quick idea! One Crazy House used toothpaste to write this ‘be good’ message, or you could use lipstick to write a funny elf joke.

For children who can’t read independently, what about smiley faces or other funny pictures?

TP the Tree

quick elf on the shelf ideas

Those pesky elves! A super quick idea is this one from What Katy Said, where the elves have thrown toilet paper all over the Christmas tree.

Just Chilling

Does your Elf miss the chilly temperatures of the North Pole? The Simple Parent wrapped their Elf up and popped them in the freezer with a sweet treat for the kids – peppermint ice cream!

The kids are also entertained when the elf somehow gets himself trapped in the freezer!

Elf Emails

elf on the shelf emails santa

Did your Elf not make it back to the North Pole last night? Get Elf to email Santa to explain and give his or her update and explain what happened. Clever fun from Lil Blue Boo.

Rockin’ it Out

Elf on the Shelf drummer

Get ready to rock out with this fun idea for an Elf on the Shelf drummer from Frugal Coupon Living. All you need is a few tin cans and pencils.

Super Quick Elf on the Shelf Ideas – 5 Minutes or Less! – Mykidstime

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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