20 More Elf on the Shelf Ideas For Christmas Fun

Elf on the Shelf ideas

It’s that time of year again – when a fun and naughty Elf comes to stay, always on the look out for new ways to surprise and delight your kids. From Minecraft to SnapChat and yoga to emails, we’re sure you’ll love 20 more Elf on the Shelf ideas for Christmas fun.

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If you’re running low on Elf on the Shelf ideas, or starting to repeat past activities, have a look below for some festive inspiration!

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Don’t forget to also print out these great elf jokes and notes, which are perfect for putting in your child’s lunchbox, or for the elf to leave around the house.

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Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Ideas

1. The Piggy Bank Thief

elf on the shelf ideas

The Piggy Bank Thief

Busted! Simple As That will be sending their elf off to the naughty corner after a dramatic piggy bank robbery. We’re sure Santa wouldn’t be happy!

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2. Festive Faces

Elf on the shelf ideas

Festive Faces

Your elf loves when everyone is in a festive mood! Decorate photo frames with Santa hats, white beards, reindeer antlers, elf ears or any other seasonal funnies, just like this idea from Mama Cheaps.

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3. Paper Play

Elf on the shelf ideas

Paper Play

If you’ve seen the movie Elf, you’ll know that paper snowflakes are an essential part of Christmas! Your elf could help decorate the house while everyone sleeps, like this idea from Little Bit Funky.

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4. Ready, Set, Race

Elf on the shelf

Ready, Set, Race

It’s every elf for himself! Set up a race track, or even just a finish line like A Small Snippet did, and your kids will be delighted to see the race unfold.

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5. Elf + Minecraft = Elfcraft

Elf on the shelf ideas

Elf + Minecraft = Elfcraft

Minecraft fans will love this idea from Rocking My 365 Project! Use paper cut-outs to create a Minecraft head and accessories for your elf.

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6. Catching Up on Emails

elf on the shelf ideas

Catching Up on Emails

Your elf reports back to Santa on a regular basis, but sometimes is too busy (or tired from being mischievous!) to make the nightly trip. Perhaps a quick elf-mail instead like this elf from Lil Blue Boo?

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7. Advent Overload

Elf on the shelf ideas

Advent Overload

Oh man, the elves at Jenny’s Cookies snuck in to have a midnight feast and scoffed all the advent calendar chocolates! How would your kids react if this happened? Take it from me, not very well….

Note to self: buy an extra advent calendar!

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8. Grow a Magic Garden

Elf on the Shelf ideas

Grow a Magic Garden

With the help of some magic elf seeds, watch the Yummy Mummy Kitchen garden grow! This is a two-day activity – planting the seeds on day one, then returning on day two to see the sprouting of some sugary goodness (candy canes, lollipops, etc). Lots of fun!

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9. Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Elf on the shelf ideas

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

This quick, easy and effective idea from Fancy Shanty is perfect for last-minute planning. We did something similar last year, leaving a mini version (made out of marshmallows) beside it as a treat.

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10. Oh Snap…Chat!

Elf on the shelf ideas

Oh Snap…Chat!

Did those cheeky elves have a selfie session like the ones over @TheHowardsGotElfed? Looks like they got into the SnapChat filters and had a great time. Leave the photo evidence for your kids to see – they’ll love it!

Editor’s note: This is one of my favourite Elf on the Shelf ideas for this year!

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11. Elf Express

Elf on the Shelf ideas

Elf Express

What better way to return from the North Pole than on your own private plane? Busy Kids Happy Mom had a great idea for her family’s elf making a grand arrival…

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12. Doctor’s Note

Elf on the shelf ideas

Doctor’s Note

If your elf is under the weather and needs a few days free from activities, try this elf doctor’s note from Living Locurto. The elfologist prescribes rest and reindeer flu pills – a classic combination.

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13. Create A Self-Portrait

elf on the shelf ideas

Create A Self-Portrait

What could be more concerning than a mischievous elf and a tub of tiny beads? Hopefully he was on his best behaviour! This image we found on Pinterest is definitely a creative way for your elf to express himself!

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14. Attack of the LEGO People

Elf on the shelf ideas

Attack of the LEGO People

It looks like the LEGO brigade at Picklehead Soup’s house aren’t happy about a new elf on the block – and they took their revenge!

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15. Zip Around

Elf on the shelf ideas

Zip Around

Your elf would love a ride on their very own zip line! Check out this idea on Carey Pace for creating a candy cane zip line straight to the Christmas tree.

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16. Yogi Elf

Elf on the shelf ideas

Yogi Elf

Did you know elves love yoga? It helps keep them limber and fit for all those nightly flights back to the North Pole. These three elves from @TheHowardsGotElfed are particularly enthusiastic…

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17. Elf Stilts

Elf on the shelf ideas

Elf Stilts

Give your elf a new vantage point with this great idea for stilts from Frugal Coupon Living. All you need are two wrapping paper tubes and you’re good to go – it couldn’t be simpler!

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18. Reindeer Chocolate Milk

Elf on the shelf ideas

Reindeer Chocolate Milk

If your elf is looking for a nice treat idea, what about leaving out all the essentials for Reindeer Chocolate Milk? Elf on the Shelf HQ has all the info and details on what you need.

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19. Disaster Strikes!

Elf on the shelf ideas

Disaster Strikes!

Well, it was a really nice gesture. But bringing a snowman back from the North Pole is probably not the best idea…

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20. Have a North Pole Breakfast

Elf on the Shelf ideas

Have a North Pole Breakfast

Some scout elves like to leave a North Pole Breakfast, and this is a great way to either announce your elf’s arrival, or to mark their departure on Christmas morning. Check out the ideas from Super Busy Mum for a magnificent North Pole feast!

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Do you have any Elf on the Shelf ideas to share with our readers? Leave your comment below – we’d love to hear from you!

Elf on the shelf ideas


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