The Best Things About Raising A Daughter

father and daughter

We asked Mykidstime parents to share what they think the best thing about being parent to a daughter is. Some of the answers may surprise you but they are delightful too. Here are The Best Things About Raising a Daughter:

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“Everything! I think I would have been devastated if I never had a daughter.. I love having a daughter “, Libby

“I can only name one? Best thing usually seems to change. When she’s fussy, I love when she naps. Lol. I love the hugs and kisses from her. I love how she gets excited over Rainbow Dash and starts shouting Bows, Bows. Lol. I love how she’s so compassionate and will check on her friend, our neighbor’s son, when he’s upset. She’s always nice to our animals. I love her fierce independent streak. There’s just too much to name.”, Natalie

“I love how happy she is that I’m willing to do ‘girl stuff’ with her, like braid her hair, paint each other’s nails, play Barbies, anything she wants to do”, Shawn

“Girly stuff….she understands you need lots of shoes and bags and coats and other essential life changing items without explanation…. She just gets it…..”, Cheetra

“I can help her through many of the same things i went through as a girl growing up and teach her how to be strong independent woman”, Nicole

“Shopping for their cute clothes and dressing them up”, Martha

“She is not limited as to what she can do. She can play football, play with toy cars, play with dolls, practice karate and do yoga. No one says she can’t.”, Ciara

“Her feistiness. How she has learnt to stand up for herself. With 3 brothers and a tough world out there she needs to”, Patricia

“Seeing her in me and loving her for her …brings me confidence about myself”, Julie

“Someone to shop for shoes with!”, Nichola

“I am lucky to have 2 and love seeing them grow together and are best friends”, Mairead

“When you realize she is not only your daughter, but also your best friend”, Cheryl

“That I will have a bestfriend for life ❤️”, Wanda

“Her blunt honesty when you put an outfit together…and she says Mum you can’t go out looking like that! Learning that twirling is perfectly appropriate behaviour if that’s what you feel like doing. Wanting my girls to grow up confident in their own bodies has made me less critical of my own. Teaching her she can be anything she wants to be, wear a tutu one day and play a soccer match the next. All the wonderful friends she brings to the house.”, Denise

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