The Best Things About Raising a Son

Jennifer Buttner


October 25, 2016

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Are you the parent of a boy? We asked Mykidstime parents to share what they think are the best things about being parents of a son. It’s not all about the grass-stained knees and muddy shoes with boys! Here are The Best Things About Raising a Son:

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“No drama..”

boy in hotel room

“Having someone you can always depend on, no drama, always strong. Wonderful!!”, Peter

“He’s reasonable. As in you can reason with him”, Bunty

“Every single thing :) But really I love no attitudes, no drama.. I love my boys, so glad I have them and they have each other ♥”, Brenda

“The love between a mother and her sons is priceless. Love my boys. Love my girls too but OMG the drama”, Fenney

“I have 3 sons. Guys as a rule do not gossip except maybe talk about girls or men stuff. I’d rather talk to guys than gossip with a few girls ♥ “, Betty

“The affection…”


“The affection…..boys are so much more affectionate”, Gemma

“He loves his mom”, Darcell

“More cuddles”, Nichola

“He loves his mama”, Terri

“He says I’m his best friend and the hugs n kisses xx”, Sharon

“The Love,The Loyalty,The Bond,The Friendship ,The Everything..”, Lyndsey

“Hugs and kisses. And lots and lots of love :) Plus you’re the only girl that matters for the first few years!”, Caroline

“I have 3 very different sons but so proud of each one of them. And of course they love their mumma!”, Audrey

“Their hugs and how they try to take care of you”, Denise

“Having a mummy’s boy :) He’s turning 3 soon x”, Elaina

“A smaller version of his Dad…”

dad and son

“The best thing is…….he’s a smaller version of his dad…xx”, Cheetra

“Knowing he’ll be a man with manners and respect one day”, Cherlynn

“Love seeing him and his Dad doing things together and being best buddies x”, Sarah

“There is so much! He is so tenderhearted and I love watching him playing with his Teddy Bears and his Hot Wheels. He Is for sure DADDY’S little son!”, Joshua

“I love that we get to do boys nights in and watch movies with popcorn :) And I enjoy that I get to relive my childhood through my son again”, Jonathan


Things to do with kids on a rainy day

“Everything, my son has opened my eyes to a lot of things”, Angela

“Everything”, Erin

“I have 1 son and I wouldn’t be without him for anything, he has a brilliant sense of humour and is so kind and good natured. I love him to bits”, Barbara

“They travel in teams, so your house is always full of their friends. Love their unique aroma…grass/mud/sweat, with a dressing of Lynx when they get older!”, Denise

“I love how my son has made me a walking encyclopedia of football facts, Minecraft and a Lego master builder!”, Marie

Over to you! Are you a parent of a boy? What’s your favourite thing about raising a son? Let us know in the comments below.




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