Too Cute! 30+ Parents Share the Touching Things Kids Say


October 18, 2018

Touching things kids say to their parents

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Children are often brutally honest, but sometimes they surprise you by saying something really adorable. We asked Mykidstime parents for their favourites – read on to find out the touching things kids say to their parents. Warning, have the tissues at the ready!

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Do you ever wish you could record everything to catch those absolute gems your kids come out with? Perhaps you do keep a record somehow to immortalise the witty, funny and downright adorable things your kids say – let us know in the comments!

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Cute and Touching Things Kids Say

#1. My then 8yr old son wrote me a card for Fathers Day. As I was a single mum, inside he wrote: “Dear Mum, thanks for being the best 2 parents ever rolled into one. You’re the best mum and dad any kid could wish for and I love you more than words can say.”

Needless to say I still have this card more than 14yrs later and read it when having a crappy day. – Rebecca W.

#2. I was getting ready to take my son to Pre K last yr (he was 4) when I found him in our bathroom rubbing my lotion all over his tummy and legs. I asked him what he was doing and he told me “Mommy I want to smell like you all day!” How could I scold him for that?! – Roxy S.

#3. My 6 year old turned around last week and thanked me for having her new baby sister! Or a couple of weeks ago, I was just out of the hospital after having the baby, and I put a dress on to feel a bit better and to hide my belly. My 2 year old said “Mammy is a princess”. She nearly had me blubbering…damn hormones! – Sarah D.

#4. I was going to work one day and told my daughter I had to go to get money for our holiday, so she went and got her little purse and said “Daddy I’ve been keeping this money so you don’t have to leave for work anymore”. It gets me every time! – Gary W.

#5. My 3 year old little girl started telling me all the time that I was the best Mama in the whole world and she loved me more than sparkly shoes and sweeties. – Danielle W.

#6. My 6 year old said a flower was pretty like me! – Emma M.

#7. My son said “I love the way you always remember PE day and uniform day Mammy, some Mammies don’t.” – Lisa H.

#8. “You are my best friend mammy and even when you are old I’ll still love you.” – Michelle C.

#9. When I said I wasn’t good at singing, my little girl said “Mummy you sing lovely to us”. – Lorraine M.

#10. “When I grow up I want to be just like you… and then we can be twins!” – Anne-Marie N.

#11. I have bad kidneys and my youngest son told me that he wished he could trade kidneys with me so I would stop being sick and in pain. It made me cry, especially when I said that would make him sick and I would never do that, and he said he would rather be sick than me. – Lori P.

#12. My girl told me I looked super cool and I was her best friend. She’s four. – Gillian D.

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#13. Before I even leave, my 3 year old always says “I miss you Mommy, Mommy come back cos I’m missing you!” – Nimer L.

#14. I was a single father with four children and attended my young daughter’s Mothers Day event at school where Mothers received cards they had made. My girl presented me with a card to ‘Daddymum’. I had to go outside to hide my tears. – John S.

#15. When I said to my 6 year old daughter girl “You are a very good child, thank you”, she said “you are a very good mom, that’s why I’m so good”. – Filiz I.

#16. My son, who just turned 5, said “Mom you are my sweetheart!” – Alessandra A.

#17. My little boy (8) says “Mum you look beautiful” to me every day. Gets me every time! – Emily P.

#18. When my 5 year old daughter says “Mummy, you are my darling!” – Gul S.

#19. “I love you so much mum, I could climb back into your tummy!” My daughter was 4 at the time. She is 17 now and still remembers saying that.” – Joy V.

#20. “You’re so beautiful Mummy.” – Rachel W.

#21. My husband was joking with our 5 year old son and said “I don’t love Mam at all” – my son laughed and said “I know you’re joking cos you’re always kissing and hugging her”. – Gemma C.

#22. My daughters are in their first year of secondary school and as a part of an assignment they had to say who is an inspiration for them and why. Apparently I am an inspiration as my daughters said they see how hard I work and how much effort I put into uni to get good marks – and because I’m not a cranky mum! – Julie H.

#23. My son would sometimes walk the short distance home and always bring a flower home and give it to me with a “l love you Mum so much”. Luckily, there were many frangipani trees on the way home. He is now 16 and still does it occasionally. – Tracy D.

#24. My son was six and wanted to ride the big yellow school bus. I was the one who was frightened of him getting on the big bus with all those older children so I offered to drive him to school. He said “Momma I’ve got to grow up and be a big boy one of these days, I can do it myself, but thanks!” I stood there with tears in my eyes as I watched him get on the bus. – Frankie L.

#25. My granddaughter (3) always says “Gigi you know I love you so much!” – Josephine R.

#26. “Mom you burnt your hand cooking for us. Why do you cook? Tell someone else to cook!”. Sentiments of my 4 year old boy. – Zille H.

#27. “Miss Charmaine, you are the BEST step-mom EVER!” – Charmaine W.

#28. Walking through the door after a hard day’s work and my son said “Mom tell me about your day.” – Chioma N.

#29. “I love you. You are my favourite. You make the best cinnamon buns.” – Michelle V.

#30. “I want to marry you when I’m older Mammy” from my boy who was six at the time. – Dawn P.

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Have your say! What touching things have your kids said that just melted your heart? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Too Cute! 30+ Parents Share the Touching Things Kids Say to Them - Mykidstime

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