20 Home Renovation Ideas to Boost Your House Value

Caroline Kelly

April 30, 2021

home renovation ideas

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Is your house decor looking a bit tired and in need of some updating? If you’ve been thinking of making changes to the space and interiors, it’s worth giving some thought to what will add value to your house at the same time. Here are 20 Home Renovation Ideas to Boost Your House Value:

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Often moving house is just not financially viable but you want to also keep increasing your own house value so when you can move you can maximise what you have.

Inspiring Home Renovation Ideas

#1. Update Your Kitchen

Clever cleaning hacks

Updating your kitchen is often cited as the best thing to do to add value to your home. You don’t have to buy a new expensive luxury kitchen costing €50,000 but if your kitchen is looking a bit tired consider upgrading it with more reasonable kitchen options such as those from IKEA or Homebase.

If you like your units, consider just updating your wall colour and painting the unit doors, as a more cost effective option. Change your splashback to something like stainless steel or something brightly coloured. Buy a new modern kitchen sink tap.

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#2. Organise for the Kids

kids' playroom renovation ideas

Invest in some flexible furniture that will grow with the kids. Build in plenty of storage for their toys, games, study areas.

For example, IKEA expedit cube shelving can be adapted easily for toy storage.

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#3. Add a Deck to Your Garden

Decks can really add a “wow factor” to your back garden to make the most of your outdoor space.

Why not consider getting benches or a fire pit built in while you’re putting the new deck in to really up the “wow factor”!

#4. Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Adding extra insulation to your attic, insulating water tanks, installing zone heating, eco-beading in your exterior walls these are all valuable additions to your house.

We noticed a huge difference to our heat retention after carrying out insulation and eco-beading work on our own house, and our energy bills definitely went down as we didn’t need to keep the heating on for as long.

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#5. Paint!

One of the simplest, most cost-effective improvements of all is paint. Repainting your rooms will get rid of the crayon marks, freshen them up and make the house look neater and sprucer.

Maybe you have done regular repaint work on your interior walls, but when was the last time your house had an external paint job? Making sure the exterior appearance of your house is as good as it can be for first impressions.

#6. Add More Storage

Storage always adds value to a home. Not only will you enjoy the decluttered effect but also potential buyers will be delighted to know there’s lots of storage for their belongings.

Look at wasted space areas such as under the stairs or get in storage companies to give you advice on building in sliderobes or other storage that you might not have thought of to maximise the space.

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#7. Add or Upgrade a Bathroom

home renovation ideas bathroom

Consider adding an extra bathroom if you can afford some space for it as more bathrooms make a house more sellable. Or upgrade existing bathrooms by installing a low-flush toilet and new taps.

Reglazing a tub can also be a less costly alternative to completely changing to a new tub.

#8. Create More Space

Consider knocking out any unnecessary non-structural walls to open space and create a sense of flow throughout the house.

(Don’t undertake this yourself without some advice first!)

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#9. Improve the Lighting

Put in dimmer switches to allow the lighting to be changed easily.

Consider installing a sun tube, which is less expensive than a vellux or skylight, but which will give a nice natural light to potential dark spots.

Upgrade your light fittings to more modern ones if you haven’t done so for a while.

#10. Underfoot

If your carpet is looking worn in places, consider replacing, or at very least, get them cleaned to spruce up carpets again.

If your floors are hardwood, have them resanded, polished and cleaned.

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#11. Make Your Entrance Inviting

If your front door/entrance is looking a bit tired, perhaps it’s time for a new, more energy efficient one? Or at least consider repainting your current one, and even replacing the handle, to update the look.

Adding some plants in pots at the front door can make a great first impression also.

#12. Don’t Forget Your Hallway

Now that you have updated your front door exterior, don’t forget the interior! The front hallway will make the first impression to any visitors, so make sure it’s a good impression. Invest in storage or hanging solution, if possible, to ensure coats, shoes, bags and keys have a place, and are not strewn on the floor inside the front-door.

A welcoming mat and a paint job can do wonders for updating your entrance and hallway.

#13. Add a Conservatory / Sun Room

A conservatory or sun room can help to make the most of sunny days and help bring nature inside. We have never regretted adding a sun room to our house as it became our family play room and took all the toys out of our living room.

Consider buying furniture that can also be brought into the garden during the summer months to make it multi-use.

#14. Link the Outdoors to Indoors

Add bifold doors to a kitchen or sitting room to make the most of the extra space outside.

This enables you to open up your home to the garden creating space and light.

#15. Install Solar Panels

Solar panels can be fitted to most homes and you don’t even need sun all the time to benefit.

We had 2 panels added 4 years ago and from May to October we have enough hot water for showers for 2 adults and 2 children without any additional boost from our heating system.

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#16. Garden Landscaping

Gardening fun for kids

Consider having your garden landscaped by a professional, even small spaces can be transformed with their professional advice.

A more cost effective option could be investing in some new plants/pots etc. to update your garden

#17. Upgrade Your Driveway

Have your driveway surface improved. Transform the entrance to your home with a fresh look or create off-street parking.

There are numerous surface dressings that look great from tarmac to cobblelock or stenciled concrete.

#18. Add a Security System Alarm or CCTV

Make your home secure, many new camera systems are wireless, so are very easy to install.

Some systems even give you the ability to monitor your home when you are not there through an app on your smartphone.

Some insurance companies also give discounts on house insurance where alarms and security systems are installed.

#19. Upgrade Guttering

If your guttering or facia are looking a bit tired, get quotes to replace them.

Or consider getting it cleaned by professionals. It’s amazing how a thorough clean can brighten up the house exterior!

#20. Install a Stira Stair or Similar

stira stairs

A Stira Stair up to your attic will make it easy to access the attic and store items up there.

We put a second hand one in 2 years ago that someone was selling because they were upgrading their attic space.

I can’t believe we struggled without one before that, having to stand on a wobbly stepladder all the time!

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20 Home Renovation Ideas to Boost Your House Value – Mykidstime

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